Monster Poker Saturday - 9PM Eastern Time

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Tonight's Prizes!

1st place2nd place3rd place
Lightning DragonPrismatic EnergySilvershield Archers
BETA- LegendaryBETA- Rare /GoldBETA- Common /Gold

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To see your SMPT balance on Steem Engine, you simply log in to using your STEEM credentials. I would recommend using Keychain to log in as it is much faster and super handy.

Once you are logged in, click on the WALLET tab and it will look something like this

Next, click on your SMPT (Steem Monsters Poker Tokens) in your wallet.

Now you will see this page

Now, click Send.

Fill this out CAREFULLY, and make sure everything is correct before clicking SEND SMPT

For Keychain users:


Then click the arrow associated with SMPT.

Fill in the fields CORRECTLY, then click SEND.

Make sure you join my CHILL Discord Server to stay up-to-date with all the announcements I will be making for the upcoming games and events, potential prizes, etc.

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It’s a lively weekend! Let monster gamers relax and have fun.

Thanks @crystalhuman

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keep on keeping on, it will catch on eventually thanks so much for spreading the word and trying it doesnt go unnoticed

Thanks for the support! :)

Not gonna be able to make this one sadly. Good luck to everyone though!

Dang. Well I sent ya another token, hopefully you'll catch the next game!

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