MAX Level! Alpha Edition Steem Monsters! - Raffle Time!

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Cancelled, all SMPT has been refunded.

The old models are the best ones. 👊

Many of you probably remember your first gold cards being a little different from the Beta Edition we have now. Of course, you can still purchase these older Alpha cards on the market, and that's what I did.

Since I got pretty lucky with a booster pack and scored that Gold Foil Peakrider.. I went ahead and bought a few of the missing cards we still needed, along with this Alpha Edition Golden Wolf which I will be raffling off.

A few lucky winners will receive these cards, whoever wins will have been randomly selected using this Random Name Picker during the Alpha Max Livestream I will be hosting in 7 days. At or around 2:00 PM (14:00) Eastern Time, Monday, April 8th, 2019.

You may win more than one prize, get those entries in soon!

Raffle Prices: 1 STEEM/SMPT

Please be sure to send entries to image.png


with the memo


You get bonus entries for using SMPT!

  • 001 SMPT = 1 Raffle ticket
  • 005 SMPT = 6 Raffle tickets
  • 010 SMPT = 13 Raffle tickets
  • 050 SMPT = 70 Raffle tickets
  • 100 SMPT = 155 Raffle tickets.
  • 500 SMPT = 850 Raffle tickets.

There is an overall minimum of 500 raffle entries, otherwise, all "tickets" will be refunded in the form they were received.

If you are using SMPT, you can log in to and send from your wallet there, alternatively, you can use the Keychain extension.

For instructions on how to use Keychain, click here.

To receive the raffle prizes or to play in any of the upcoming Steem Monsters Tournaments I am guaranteed to be hosting, you will need to make sure you have a Steem Monsters Starter Pack.

Having a starter pack also gives you your very own STEEM account, if you do not already have one.

Make sure you join my CHILL Discord for SM tournament announcements, updates, upcoming raffles, and Steem Monsters Poker!


Win more SMPT in This Tournament.

Please Note: It was supposed to be no legendary cards at all but ended up being no legendary summoners, I thought I'd changed it.

Resteem this post for 1 SMPT


Need more SMPT? Go here.


OMG 850 Entries @crystalhuman , do we even have a chance!?!? lol! Im still going to enter , I had 86 entries in last time! Congrats on winning the last raffle @sharkmonsters ! 👍👍👍😎

Man ...ehm crystalhuman - you're crazy to make the same time yours tournament.

Resteemed - please, add this 1 SPMT as the raffle entry

I already sent it to you lol, before you made this comment.

And, I made it at the same time to hopefully persuade some gold level players to not join in a novice tournament :)

@crystalhuman, Thank you for the Steem Monsters Booster Pack. I was able to get a card I did not have yet. The Enchanted Pixie. It is greatly appreciated and I know this will help me get as I continue to try and get out of Silver! I hope you have a great evening

Everyone who participated in the tourney that bugged out got a booster pack gift :)


Take care!

Resteemed :)


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Why was it cancelled @crystalhuman !?😳

Well, because when I first started it, I set the limit to a reasonable 500 entries, which @sharkmonsters quickly surpassed with his massive 850 entries! lol

Since that happened, most other people seemed to lose interest as they felt there was no chance of winning against so many entries from one person alone, knowing that, I gave sharkmonsters the option to rescind his entries. He chose to do that, so I canceled the raffle.

Ok I figured that had something to do with it, as people figure there's no chance to win. Then I guess by the time he recended his entries it was too late and people lost interest.Thanks for your kind reply!👍👍👍

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Heyy there @crystalhuman! Thanks for upvoting my post. Returning the favor ;)

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No worries, and I have CRUSHED your 10 Loss Streak! ahahhaha

Hahahah 😭

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Would 5 steem also equal 6 raffle tickets? I'm not familiar with SMPT.

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I somehow deleted some info from the post, you get 1 entry per STEEM. I will DM you on Discord to help with SMPT.

Aweeomness @crystalhuman ! Love my alpha cards and I have none of these, they would certainly be nice to win my friend, Im on my way to send you 20 SMPT For some entries! Fingers Crossed this time!!😎👍🙋👌
Upped and Resteemed

So if I want to enter with 3 SMPT

I need to send to @sm-poker with the memo of
"003 SMPT = 3 Raffle tickets" ?

Also I resteemed the post :D

Memo just needs to say raffle :)

What if he write it as waffle?

I'd probably not even notice. :D I know what they're for. The memo is mostly for other people to know what they sent them in for haha

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Hey, I just want to say thank you for the booster pack. I got a gold foil and I really appreciate it.