It's time to get #memecrazy with @crystalhuman

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It's almost 4 am. I've had way too much coffee.

So, I made some memes and decided to have a contest to see who makes the funniest @steemmonsters MEME(s).

I didn't tag my name on a few, either way, feel free to use any and all of them :)


^Note: this is a Golden Retriever lol

Now that you're done laughing your ass off at my memes, I want you to make your own.

Here's what's up for grabs today:

1 Steem Monsters Maverick Upvote from the @steemmonsters account.

Here's how you win.

Make the funniest Steem Monsters MEME(s) I have ever seen.

Then make a post containing your meme(s) and be sure to use the #steemmonsters hashtag.

Tag me @crystalhuman somewhere within the post.

Share the link to your post here in the comments along with your meme. Multiple entries are encouraged.

That's it.


Love ridiculous memes? No? What about free stuff? Yea? I thought so. Then remember to follow me! Your favorite human.


The first 3 people to complete their post(s), comment their link(s) here, and resteem this post, will receive an Alric Stormbringer Summoner. Make sure to let me know that you have resteemed so I can be sure to send your Alric to you!

What's that? Not enough free stuff for you? Okay then, upvote this post then go and vote for @yabapmatt as your favorite witness, share a screenshot here as proof. If you've already given him your vote, that's okay, just take your screenshot and post it in the comments so I can verify it. The first person gets an Alric Stormbringer. You could potentially win 2 Alrics! Hurry up!

Perhaps you have heard of Steem Monsters? Come join us on Discord to learn about the game and be a part of our community. Looking forward to meeting you!


Here are my entries - You can find the original post here

Is this a steem monster.jpeg

Not steem monsters.jpeg

Steem alpha.jpeg

Steem Monster meme.jpeg

So far, your memes have made me laugh more than any of the others! :D Nice work!!

Thanks I’m glad you enjoyed them! Hopefully you’ll get some more submissions! I quite enjoy a good old meme competition

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Favorite is the guy saying we should have Steem Monsters, and they throw him off the deck like pirates they really are, the shark tank, right out of the window.

This isn't an official entry... but:

As promised! Thanks for voting for Matt!

Here's your Alric!


I guess I should get better at reading the fine print. Still, I only missed two of the instructions :)

Annd here's the next one, sorry, I fell asleep. :D

First :-P
My Entry
And resteemed but you didn't have to ask because it's a great idea and I would have anyway :-)

Steem monsters MEME.jpg

Thank you @just2random! :) Here's your Alric!

Thank-you and this comp has produced some awesome memes :-D

Hi @crystalhuman ! love making memes ! Heres my meme share about Steem Monsters which I created and shared a while back . I am very busy , and I actually just recently did a big meme post of all my original Steem Monster memes (15), so hopefully it qualifies for your contest! upped and resteemed, hope you get a good laugh from it, and good luck everyone! 😂😂😂😈
Heres the link to my Meme Post from a few days ago!

Awesome MEMEs! Here ya go!

Thank you @karenmckersie!

Thanks 😊👍 I'm glad you liked them😂🤣

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This one was very funny hahaha i would change that for "STEEM"

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