I finally did it! I made the post!

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Drum-roll please

The long-awaited giveaway is finally here, after only 4 days of procrastination, I am finally making this post.

I do apologize for the wait, but hey, the card is worth more now then it was before!

As those of you who entered know, I am giving away a gold common Steem Monster to one lucky winner as of right now. (Yes, I planned to do it much sooner)

The person who guessed closest to the number chosen between 1-1000 will win!

Here goes.

Looks like it's #239. Who could it be?

It's @stever82!!

Congratulations! Looks like those 2's paid off!

Your new Gold Foil Animated Corpse is now in your possession!

The first 5 people who upvote and resteem this post will get a rare steem monster.

You must comment and let me know that you have upvoted and resteemed to get your card.

For an extra common card, go and vote for @yabapmatt as witness and leave a screenshot as proof in the comments below. (It's okay if you have already voted before just take a screenshot and comment it)

Have you heard of Steem Monsters yet? Well, they just launched a Kickstarter Campaign less than 3 days ago and it's nearly funded already! We got what we could and scooped up one of the $50 packs before they sold out here's a link to my tweet

This is your last chance to get these Alpha packs before they're all sold out! Just over 100k remaining and they're going quick!

If you enjoy giveaways, procrastination, ADHD, MEME's, and... where was I going with this?

Oh yeah, follow me! Your favorite human.


I picked #251 am I being mistaken that I am actually closer to 239 ??

nice, upvoted

Congratulations @stever82, and thanks @crystalhuman for this competition.

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oh gosh this guy won my 10 packs and this gold card! insane! he is one lucky guy!! when are you gunna win one man! im rooting for you!!!

Thank you! :)

Oh wow, thanks for that, I was still doing the screenshots, and I came back and found that you had already sent this to me! Thanks so much, @crystalhuman.

My pleasure! :)

You're just too quick for me today, haha. Now I have the one for Yaba in there as well. Sorry, I should have posted them all at the same time, rather than come back and edit it. The images all have links to the relevant TX's on them, too. 😉

:D Thanks again :)

Wow I won so cool. The 2's are lucky why I did that. Thanks so much.

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Upvoted, resteemed and followed! Thanks :)

Voted @yabapmatt for witness too...

Heck yes @stever82!

Upvoted and resteemed, can't miss to join this contest :D

PS: Also voted @yabapmatt as my newest withness!

Please upload a screenshot as proof that you voted :) I already sent your common card ;)

As promised, enjoy!

Thanks for the gift @crystalhuman :)

Below here is the proof of my vote on @yabapmatt

Upvoted and I’ve already voted for @yabapmatt :D

Screen Shot 2018-09-07 at 9.40.15 AM.png

Thanks! Here ya go! :)

I love this old lady, she rocks.

She looks like a wise woman... who will be very useful in battle. Thank you!

My pleasure :)

Upvoted. Resteem and I think I am number five to do this

You were number 3 my friend :D Enjoy!


Upvoted, resteemed and voted for Matt!! :)

Congrats, Steve!

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Don't forget your screenshot :D


There you go and thanks for this giveaway!!

My pleasure! Thanks for voting for @yabapmatt! :)

You are doing some awesome giveaways @crystalhuman 🎉 missed another one, but I've already voted for the man behind the Monsters

Congratulations @stever82! Upvoted and resteemed!

Of course I voted for

Thank you! :D

Here ya go!

I am not among the first 10 but I just love the giveaway... So you have my Resteem and upvote.