SteemMonsters Giveaway Day #17

Hello everyone this is your fellow Steemian Cryptotash , here to tell you about OUR newest discord server “ Lion’s Den “ .

A place where All Steemians can connect with like minded individuals that have mutual interests . Whether those mutual interests are Investing or educational purposes we’re all welcomed to Lion’s Den .
It’s a long time coming but We have officially made our newest channel strictly for STEEM MONSTERS !🤩🤯
We welcome all Steemians who are collecting Steem monsters , Alpha or beta , Pro or Rookie , doesn’t matter Lions Den has a place for you ! Join the conversations and get creative. This channel was designed for all of your Steem Monsters’ needs , including updates on latest news , Buying/ Selling , Trading , Deal making , Team building ect . The possibilities are endless when creative minds get together all at one place ...
In Early days of server New members will have chances to win various gifts and giveaways such as liquid Steem &/or booster packs ....

Yesterday’s SteemMonsters Giveaway Day #16 winners are :
🎁 1st Place : @travoved
🎁 2nd Place : @gregory-f
🎁 3rd Place : @tdiv7653

Today’s SteemMonsters Giveaway WILL BE GRANTED TO (3) winners
🎁1st Place winner will receive
(1)Epic Beta “ SWAMP THING ”


🎁2nd Place winner will receive
(1) Rare Beta “LYANNA NATURA ”


3rd Place winner will receive
(1) Common Beta “MINOTAUR WARRIOR ”


The rules are Simple ....
Resteem , Upvote Post , & Follow
Join Our Discord Server for more info and chances to win future Giveaways .
Once you’re finished comment below with usernames for a chance to receive a New SteemMonsters Pack.
🚨 Winner will be selected in 24hrs Randomly by our Comment selector 🚨

🐲 If you do not have a @steemmonsters account click on this link to get started🐲
If you like what we’re doing over here @ Lion’s Den easily become apart of the Server .
Our community is slowly but surely growing . With Community empowerment there’s is nothing that we cannot build or fulfill . The community is everything over here @ 🦁 Den ..

So with that being said we will be accepting Delegations &/or Donatioms for Community growth & Bigger rewards & Pay outs . For more info go to server or simply check out this article 😁


Let your voice be heard and become apart of a new era of Cryptocurrency , whether you’re a Crypto Vet or the Crypto Newbie let’s stay 2 steps ahead of the herd and build whatever we imagine as a collective through mutual interests & collective brainstorming.

The Building of a new era Starts in the Den .

Thanks for your time I can’t wait to see you there .
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