Steem Monsters Quests - Another Quest Win and Booster Pack Opening

Hello Friends,

In my last blog, I told that, it took me almost 2 days to win a quest.

But, today, it was more wins and less losses and that means I won the quest with Life Splinters quite easily.

My combination in all the games I played is: Clay Golem, Peace Bringer, Divine Healer, Feral Spirit, Enchanted Pixie and Air Elemental. Thanks to MANA cap of 27, which made me to include all those cards I mentioned above in the battles.

Clay Golem is good enough to withstand the attack from opposition cards and healing from Divine Healer always makes it more solid in defence against main cards from my opponents.

And the cards like Peacebringer, Feral Spirit, Enchanted Pixie and Air Elemental provided the direct attack and attack to side cards.

Here is a snapshot of my final win to win the quest:

And the booster pack I received today contained some nice cards like Rexie, Peacebringer, Pirate Captain, Crustacean King and Elven Cutthroat.

Rexie is a good addition to my collection as it was missing from cards collection so far.

I would love to battle it out the Green cards i.e. Earth Splinter cards as Rexie has given a boost to my green cards collection.

It's fun, it's making me tense and it also makes me feel joyous when I win a quest or a win against higher ranked opponent. I am enjoying these battles and thanks to @balticbadger, I now have more Resource Credits to battle the issue with the same as I got a 20 SP delegation from him.

I just want to keep it simple and win as many quests as possible and try to get ready for tournaments although I am still with basic cards with most of the splinters.

Happy battling guys, keep playing.


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