Steem Monsters delegation is here!

Steem Monsters added card delegation this morning: here's the announcement. While there isn't a leasing market yet (Peakmonsters is working on one) I'm manually leasing some of my spare cards in the meantime. I stocked up particularly on rare summoners lately, so if you want to spend a few Steem on playing with a max Lyanna or Alric, etc., this is the place to look.

Summoner Leasing.png

I also have some other max cards, including a bunch of Light cards and Hydra and Lord Arianthus. Here's the spreadsheet of max cards I have available. I can also fill requests for lower-level cards if people are interested; I have some of almost everything, these are just what I happen to have maxed and spare right now.

If you want some maxed legendaries to go with your summoners, @aggroed is leasing them; here's his spreadsheet.

Prices are somewhat tentative; I woke up and people wanted to lease Lyannas in Discord, and I just priced the others based loosely around what I got for them. So if you think something is out of line, I'm willing to negotiate. Eventually the market will shake out a bit.

Since prices here are based both on card price and the Steem/USD rate, they're subject to change. But you can lock in your price for up to 24 weeks by paying up front.

If you're new to the game, you'll still need to buy a starter pack in order to play. Sign up through our link for free cards, votes, and giveaways.

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