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We've gotten five signups so far, so we're still five away from giving away a gold foil Rexxie card! Be one of the next five to get in on that giveaway and all of our future milestones by signing up through our link and buying a starter pack!

Rexxie is a particularly useful card in mid-level play; at Level 4 he gets Trample, which allows him to move on and hit the next card after killing one. And he has one of the highest attack skills in the mid-levels, so he kills a lot.

You'd need twelve regular cards to get Rexxie to level four, but the gold foil version starts there, so winning this card is like instant offense.

Three days left to get a free Medusa and Serpentine Soldier with every signup!

Medusa.jpg Serpentine Soldier.jpg

We're currently giving away two Rare cards to every user who signs up through our link: Medusa, which is a key magic attacker for the Water splinter, and Serpentine Soldier, a tank for the Fire splinter. Neither of these cards are included in the starter pack, and we think they're a great boost to getting started in the game. But Beta card prices are going up and we won't be able to offer these free cards forever. We're planning on a new promotion on Christmas. So if you're buying a Steem Monsters account as a last-minute present, be sure to get it done before the day to get these cards.

Plenty of votes available!

We still have a lot of headroom to vote from this account, and signing up through us will get you a lifetime daily vote. We're going to keep growing this account to make the votes larger, and I just added over 600 SBI shares to it; between that and the Steem Monsters vote this account should grow quickly. Be one of the first to get in on it by signing up for Steem Monsters now!

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