What Will Become of the Extra Cards?

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If you've read any of my previous commentary on @steemmonsters you will surely know that I am a tad obsessed with how the current overstocking of cards will fallout.

There are some ideas that I have kicked out that I would like to see, possibly even tokenizing and rewarding game players that burn their unwanted cards creating the incentive to burn the ones you don't want or don't feel you are getting the right price you want for them, and keeping the ones you do want and seeing them all go up in scarcity and very likely value if done at a legitimate amount. The creators of this game really have their ears to the ground and I would be shocked if they didn't do something very similar to what is mentioned above. Getting rid of single cards and even total BCX/combined cards will be exactly what the doctor ordered for this game's collector card supply to much better match demand and create real urgency to begin buying more cards however you can get them.

This will have a tremendous effect on the demand immediately even driving pack sales back up to potential arbitrage levels which will certainly juice up some nice revenue for the creators/stakeholders of the enterprise. My main point would be that if they are smart, and they like money and security of the business that it brings, they will have a token reward system in place that is highlighted by a card burn program that could really send the value of this endeavor as a whole straight up in value. Luckily for us the creators fall under both of these characteristics and I am very confident something like this has to happen, if not immediately in the very near future.

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I hardly understand @cryptkeeper17 😯 I burned almost 400 highlabd archers.. but the stats of the cards is getting higher than before😯 does it meabs that they keep producing the new and more highlabd archers too?

But.. when I checked on my golden ruler of the sea, I saw it 30 cards yesterday but today it's only 28 available😯 do you think that the burning cards still around?


The burning of the highland archer card probably did very little to the population since there are more than the 400 earned and created every day, let alone when the season ends and then production really ramps up. The lesser available meant that someone either leveled it up or yes burned it, which is really highly unlikely. If I were you I would hang on to your extra cards like that, they could have a better use for you at some point, thanks again for the comment @cicisaja best of luck in all your quests and monster tournaments!


I'll save the extra highland archer once I maxed one of it😊 thank you @cryptkeeper17😊 I would hang on to all my gold foils unless I need to let it go to trade with some beta cards I need, but still.. not my Golden Legendary one 😂

If they can stop producing beta cards, don't you think they should considered your idea? To maintain the price and supply?


This is not solely my idea others have proposed the idea or would like to see this or something similar happen. Me personally I would like to see some kind of redemption for single cards and maxed out cards in the form of tokens that can be cashed in for prizes, tournament entries with some kind of decent payout guaranteed just for entering things like that. Along that line have a baseline value for reward cards, then a bonus for betas, then a greater bonus on that number for alphas as well. Along with a bigger bonus for rares/epics/legends and golds as well. Creating scarcity and adding value with some level of backing of the upside of an exchange would be huge in many ways and I think is something too good for the game to pass up, at least in my opinion for sure.

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