Sweet Trend of Games Popping on Steemit

in steemmonsters •  2 months ago

It's very encouraging to see the decentralized universe of steem and steemit growing first with the introduction to @steemmonsters, then within the last few weeks @magicdice, then we get the unveiling the other day of @drugwars, another role playing crypto rewards based game that appears to be in depth and very well thought out. It's very encouraging also to see the development of "SMT light" come from our platform fellows that is a prequel to what can be accomplished with SMTs on a shell based format at the moment, but to continue in full when they are indeed released hopefully on this blockchain by someone who likes to see their steem go up (likely/hopefully) substantially in value. Refer to the post by @aggroed for that one, it is a small taste of what's to come if this blockchain slay the elusive SMT albatross.

Best of luck, enjoy your monsters, dice and drugs... I mean drug wars. My promo for a gold steemmonsters card is still up and running if anyone is interested, go to my previous post to refer for info. Thanks for reading, enjoy your day!

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