@steemmonsters card delegation is here--Get Ready for the Game Change!

in steemmonsters •  last month

Brilliantly coming out with this is going to make this game much more accessible to the general public in a demo sense in bringing in new players as this option is a very rare feature within the crypto gaming community.

I am also pleased for those that held onto to their cards and they can now create the possibility of a passive income from those players that wish to challenge for top prizes but do not have the ability to go out and purchase all of the very best cards to compete for these prizes.

This new innovation in @steemmonsters cannot be understated and I must give a serious tip of my cap to the creators of the game @yabapmatt and @aggroed in coming through with this remarkable next huge step in the adaptation of this game to the general public. Excellent work all members of the @steemmonsters team this is a very important day in the history of the game for sure!

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It's an awesome feature.
I was able to add Selenia Sky to my 2nd tournament deck... finally...

If only I can get my hands on a maxed deck for a reasonable price ;0)


Great work @simplymike, a reasonable price will be very subject to opinion because of so many people having cards they have ready to be delegated thinking they will be getting top dollar for them, when so many others will be thinking the same thing. I think there will be some high offers expected initially by card holders to lease their cards, then I think it will lighten some. But that all of course depends on how they institute a burn program which could make the cards skyrocket or just give everyone a ton of the new crypto (or whatever else the plan is reward burning of cards) that will also wind up over-inflated in supply versus overall demand of the cards. It puts those of us that are collectors in a bit of a rough spot when the new things in the game are given away too fast and there is no demand or scarcity for barely any time.


Lol, last week, Dave mentioned he had learned to talk 'Cryptkeepers',... now I know what he meant. Will have to read again tomorrow, when my brain is not as fried anymore, because right now I don't get the last part. So I'll be back tomorrow :0)