A Staff/Position @steemmonsters Needs Most Right Now

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  • Every system needs programmers especially with a proprietary blockchain technology that of course is an obvious statement. If only there were a tree out there that sprouted programming geniuses and they were easier to find that an apple in Washington state. Of course that is not reality and @steemmonsters is advancing through these times quite remarkably having one main programmer.
  • But without that wish being able to be granted to lighten the load for yaba at times there is another position I think the heads of @steemmonsters would be wise to secure. That is bring aboard an official ombudsman. What in sweet merciful crap is an ombudsman? It's a Dutch word [which I found out thanks my European friend @simplymike] meaning... "A government or organizational head that takes filed complaints/reviews of a given department, agency, locality, corporation or any organization that has structure and develops goods and/or performs a service developing data in the form of reports synthesizing the public feedback in the form of a memo or report to be presented to the heads of said organization." Again used more so years ago in European Government to be a hub, or a human complaint box. Why would that benefit these people who are the brass in @steemmonsters? First you get a lot of negativity sent your way in developing this thing I see it daily. If I were a developer of the game I would rather hear from some kind of report or brief summary over a given time (daily, weekly, whatever the interval of presenting a summary of what was sent the way of the ombudsman).
  • To have a simplified report of all reviews positive and negative, a report on new ideas or innovations introduced by all players, screen and relay them their way and let the @steemmonsters brass handle them how they wish would be a much softer landing day to day and allow them to "shoot downhill" and in front of them versus working backwards. Sounds contradictory I know, but building toward what you want to achieve is much more fulfilling daily than satisfying every whim that everyone in the public has coming at you (especially that nutbag @cryptkeeper17, lol).
    In my humble opinion I think something like this would make the experience more easy going, a better brainstorming process with some help here and there from the public and a happier yaba and aggy (not having to deal with lunatics like yours truly and my next grand idea) day in and day out would pretty sweet too.
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I can't believe you remembered... lol.

But seriously, I think you're handing over a very good idea. I can imagine an 'ombudsman' as a filter could lighten the load... but boy, I would definitely not want to be that person... :0)

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