Steemmonsters Daily Quest

in #steemmonsters3 years ago


Steemmonsters' Daily Quest is a good system to get new cards. Now, as a silver rank, I can get two cards every day.
However, daily quests can only be won by winning five times, which is more time consuming than you think.

When I get to the mission of a good card I use, it ends soon, but it is not always that much time is consumed.

I still have a daily quest but I can not see the end after 30 minutes.
It is easy to finish the daily quest in the bronze rank, but it seems to be more difficult in the silver rank.
It's getting harder and harder to win.

The more you meet a person who is getting better, the more you feel the limit.
Steemmonsters do not know how to make money because they can win if they spend money.

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