The Year of Steem Monsters

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Hi Friends,

Want to know one of the most common phrases I've heard on the chain this last year? That Steem Monsters is the main thing giving people hope for the growth of the blockchain. I've heard this even more frequently since Ned's recent announcement about laying off a majority of the Steemit Inc. team.

Whenever I hear someone say that - I picture something like this in my head.

Joking aside, I really do think that these comments point to what a shining example Steem Monsters has been to show what a dApp can do on the blockchain. Many things have happened over the last year on Steemit - in fact @gtg did an awesome Recap Post about that, and in that post he made a comment about how this has really been the year of Steem Monsters - and I couldn't agree more.

It has been amazing to see the quick growth and development of this game going all the way from inception to actually hosting tournaments in a relatively short period of time. I think this really speaks to the incredible amount of work and dedication that has been put into this by the founders @aggroed and @yabapmatt and how they have been able to rally the community and build an incredible team of people around them.

We have so much talent here in the steem community and I really respect that they chose to hire internally. From world class music, to incredible graphics, to top-notch content on their blog, to managing tons of voice actors - they've got the right people on the buss all the way through their organization.

So yes, this has been the year of Steem Monsters and I think it is worth celebrating how much they have achieved!

Why am I so excited about Steem Monsters? (besides that it's obviously a fun game to play)

sm border.png

A Practical Steem Application for a Wide Audience

Let's face it... not everyone wants to be a content creator. In fact, there are plenty of people who would fall into that category. Even if they think the idea of Steemit is cool - they probably won't get too involved on a daily basis except for maybe reading and commenting.

Playing a game though? That's something that anyone can do without committing to basically building a whole blog. Gaming in general not only opens us up to an entirely new audience than we have previously attracted before - but it opens up a whole new type of use case.

  • It gives people a reason to come back and interact with the steem blockchain many times throughout the day.
  • It encourages people to purchase steem because they want to buy packs and cards.
  • It taps into an entirely different market and demographic.

For example - Let's say my friend has a 12 year old son. Would it ever even cross my mind to tell him about the Steem community? No. Would I be super excited to tell him about Steem Monsters? eff ya.

It's super easy to tell him about the game too. Not only do they have great tutorials and practice rounds you can play - but they have done a great job of building a game that is pretty intuitive and easy to pick up. So instead of having to explain all the idiosyncrasies of Steem - you can tell them to go play a game. Pretty simple.

Ps... if you do onboard someone to Steem Monsters - consider entering the Refer a Monster weekly contest where you could win booster packs and SBI shares. It is a weekly contest that is run by the @steemmonstershow and @contestkings to onboard people to the game to help it grow.

Speaking of the Year in Review...

Here's a little blast from the past. Shortly after Steem Monsters was first announced - I did an interview with @aggroed chatting all about Steem Monsters and his vision for the game. If you want to go back and see a little OG Steem Monster Chat and see what was running through his brain back then - then you might find this interesting!

The interview is about an hour long and we also talk about the Minnow Support Project, and some more general topics like blockchain tech, liberty, freedom etc. No big surprise there!

Also a little fun fact... this was my very first time ever interviewing someone. Why not start with the #2 witness and founder of the most influential project on the blockchain? Not sure if you can tell in the video, but I was a little nervous!


Cheers to 2019

If Steem Monsters was able to make such a big impact on the blockchain and this community in 2018 - imagine what they will be able to do now that tournaments are live and things are really starting to roll. I'm personally really excited to see where this new year takes us!

Happy New Year's everyone!

Xo, Lea



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Where can i find more informations for a beginer on Steem monsters?

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I wish you a great New Year 2019 @coruscate and what a great idea to recap the old interview with you and aggroed. I will watch it later but I agree Steemmonster is the actual gold standard in regards to fast development, adoption, community support and overall its a fun game!
I pretty excited about the on going tournaments they are a hell of fun and great way to communicate with other players. Can't wait to see the official Tournament launch this month and later on we will see professional sponsored tournaments from businesses...truly exciting times!!!


YES!! So many great things to come. The official tournament launch is going to be HUGE. I'm especially excited to see businesses take advantage of the advertising opportunity with sponsoring tournaments too. Definitely a lot of space to build an entire economy around that.

Loved this positive post @coruscate ! I totally agree that this really has been the year for Steemmonsters ! I was surprised and happy to see how fast Steemmonsters has grown and im Soooo looking forward to see Steemmonsters Explode and become Epic in 2019 for @yabapmatt / @aggroed and all of us Steemmonster fans!
This is a great community that came together and helped in creating something that I believe will be monumental for years to come, wishing everyone all the best in 2019!! 💁💕🎉🎉🎉

Yes! I agree. Aaaand, I am addicted to Steem Monsters lol It definitely adds value to the Steem blockchain.

happy new year!


Lea @coruscate Happy New Year 2019 Young Lady and between SteemMonsters and Precious Metals we will have a Great Year Ahead !

I would have to say the old saying, “you ain’t seen anything yet!”. I think that Steem Monsters still has a lot to give in the short teram as they continue to evolve. Tournaments is the latest and although manual at this point, the engagement has been great to experience. I think this will continue to lead the ecosystem forward in 2019!

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Happy New Year! And seriously if steem monsters was not part of steem I have a strong feeling the price of steem would be much lower then we are seeing right now.

I have high hopes for this community but things need to happen and some higher ups (because this is a business still) need to buckle in and start getting things done.

When times get hard that's your time to shine and really put in the work and effort plus they have a massive community that is willing to help and support.

Happy New Year @coruscate, not sure if you’ve covered this, if you have, please share a link to that post.

A good how-to-play tutorial for someone really new to Steem monsters would be great

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Hi Corus happy new year! I might have gotten a little war experience and that is why I haven't seen your content in a long ass time! You are getting better by the day! I am getting married to my Ukrainian girl after some struggles in life... Enjoy your day, I am high as fuck as I smoked from a 40 inch bong as soon as I came home ALIVE (Being under fire made me appreciate life!). :D


Thanks David!! Excited to see you again here in April! Hopefully we get to hang out more than we did at Steemfest! :)

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Thanks so much for the mention @pennsif!

Congratulations @coruscate!
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happy new year, hopefully it will be beautiful this year and grow