My great Journey to The Final of the Kobold Mining Expiditon! 2nd place - the highest get! 🥈🏆

in steemmonsters •  last month

Here I am!
Rock you like a hurricane! (are you ready, baby?)
Here I am!
Rock you like a hurricane!..

That Kobold Mining Expiditon itself
(with all battles to watch)

It was a great jorney through the 50 players, 6 Rounds and 18 Battles!

Good Game, @broxi! Fighting 'til the last Battle!

I even know why I lost:
I do not have such a variety of cards!)

link to see the battle retrospective

Join this wonderful game - and you'll get your own experience, victories and emotions!

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Yes @comegetsome that was a very nice final with close matches. This is my first tourney I have won on First Place.🥇

Good Game and better luck next time.


Will you also pubplish the post about this? 😉

And how do you get so huge steemmonsters upvote? 🤔

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