How I Sold my Steem Monster Cards & Collected the Cash Today! GOLD GIVEAWAY!

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Hello everyone! Happy Sunday to you all! It is Sunday, July 15, 208! The Monster market is Now Open! I am showing you how to easily list your cards for sale and collect the cash today! When my few cards sold, I got about 60 steem for 3 gold cards! If you have an extra card you may want to list it, or you may want to HODL it, lol! Steem Monsters is such a wonderful collectible trading card game on the Steem Blockchain! After All, It is still Crypto!

So-- For the Gold Foil Giveaway! Simply resteem this and add your comment "I love Steem Monsters!" with a Number 1-50 in the comments below to be entered into a drawing tonight (Sunday July 15,2018 ) for a GOLD Goblin Shaman Card! I will announce the winner on this post when I draw the number! The closest one to the number will win!

Good Times to be had in the Monster Market!


Chris Love @clove71
Steem Monster Mod. & Sales
BattleTeam Captain- Fyrstikken's SM Guild
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I love Steem Monsters! 13

Nice contest; good luck everyone! :)


Entered! Good Luck! ;-)

These numbers are now taken, use any number 1-50 besides these... 1,6,7, 12, 13, 17, 25, 23,33, 34, 36, 44 & 26!

I love Steem Monsters! 44


Nice! I entered you and will let the winner know when I draw it later on tonight! :-)

Thanks for the resteem @dick.sledge I just need a number 1-50 from you to enter you in the drawing giveaway of the gold foil Steem Monster card later on tonight! :-)

I love Steem Monsters!!! 1


You're entered in it, thanks! I will let the winner know later on tonight! :-)



You're Entered, Thanks!

I love steemmonsters. Number 17


Thank you! Entered!

I love Steem Monsters! 23


Great! You're entered into it...:-)

26 I love love love Steem Monsters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I love Steem Monsters! 33


You are entered! ;-)

I love steemmonsters. Number 30


Gotcha Entered! :-)


You're name and number was drawn! You won!


THANK you so much!

I love Steem Monsters! 5


Entered! ;-)

I love Steem Monsters! 24

I love Steem Monsters 31

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