Your gif making skills are amazing.

Hey - Your booster packs opening skills are amazing!! I still can't believe you opened up a Gold Foil Legendary on your FIRST ever booster pack!! Now, that was Amazing!!!

Guilty as charged......

Just goes to show that anyone can hit Gold Foil Legend no matter how many boosters they buy.

@cLove71 + @RentMoney You TWO are TOO Funny...

Love the Line...

Guilty as charged......

Hope You're Having a GOOD Weekend AND Win LOTS of Tournaments !!

I hope your weekend is great as well.

Good luck on the battle-field (unless you are against me LOL ! )

Have NO FEAR... You are a MUCH Better Player !!

BIG Congrats to YOU regarding SteemMONSTERS !!

ALSO... Thanks for the Heads-Up...

Going to buy some TRON to convert in just a bit.

Cheers RM !!

I was kidding about the (unless you are against me LOL ! ) part :)

Going to buy some TRON to convert in just a bit.

Awesome, I bought some a couple days ago and got my 500 SEED ready to go.

Спасибо Very interesting and exciting

Haha, I love this gif.
This is how my mind feels after reading this post.

YES!!!! Steem Monsters is blowing UP!!! Splinterlands is on FIRE! :-)

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