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Wow, has the Steem Blockchain progressed or what!? Ever since DEC I have sold a good amount of cards already. Most definitely a game changer! I am not sure yet if I should put up some more DEC on the Steem-Engine Market or buy me a 20 pack of Orbs for the Winds of Change set by The Wandering Dealer What do you suggest?
Shout out to @clove71 and @aggroed and all those to bring this Blockchain to life as it has! So Thank You!!!


Hi there! I bought a bunch of 20 orb packs the first 2 days DEC came out and got nice cards but yesterday got 20 and on my 13th pack opened a Gold Legendary!!!! I guess it depends if you are feeling lucky lol! I also have all the potions too so it helped me! Good luck!

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