Map Submission to the Steem Monsters Map Contest

in steemmonsters •  6 months ago

So I saw the map contest for Steem Monsters and thought it would be fun to win, but was all around too much work.
Later, I thought "why not?" and started looking at tutorials for making maps in Gimp.

About a week later...yeah, it's best to go with your first impressions on some things (especially tests). This looks nowhere near as good as I wanted it to look and I didn't get around to adding cities, roads, and labels. On the other side it's not my worst map (no pictures, sorry) so I decided to give it a try and post it. So here it is, my entry to the Steem Monsters Map contest:

Yeah, it needs some work. The towns, roads, and labels would really help. The good news is that everything is split up into layers that lets me tweak individual features easily.

I kinda like the non-divided/colored-area version better. If the map is being displayed on the website I imagine this version with dashed borders, and each territory lighting up when you hover over it.

And that's my map...


Did I forget to color the river?


What can I say? It's monstrous.

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nice love steem monsters

Nice post . I think color map is looking good. Thanks a lot.

That's a nice map you got there! :-)