Steem Monsters artwork - blue splinter

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Helloooo Steemians!

Today we bring you more art of the creatures, objects and places of @steemmonsters!

We have been working on the blue splinter recently and some interesting concepts have been brought to life to enrich the universe of the game.

Once again, big thank you to all the crew working in the great mythos of Steem Monsters; everything starts there!

Here are 5 illustrations, all of them from the blue splinter. Hope you like them and look forward to get your hands (or... digital hands) on all this new content!

Alfredo Montane
Candy Calavera Studio

SLEEM-Naga preparing sleem.png
⯅Naga chef preparing a delicious dish⯅

Mantoid- large insect.png
⯅Mantoid - a very large underwater insect⯅

Scrolls of Maka.png
⯅Scrolls of Maka⯅

⯅Snow-blending snowcat⯅

Merfolk oven.png
⯅A lava-powered underwater oven⯅