My First Season of Steem Monsters Complete Here’s What I Got


After joining Steem Monsters last week I have completed my first season and got rewarded 15 cards for finishing in Silver II

Heres what I got...



And I got lucky today I bumped into the one and only @aggroed on the Steem Monsters discord channel and he was generous enough to gift me a cpl awesome cards.


A Daria Dragonscale Summoner, I had no Dragon Summoner and with this now I have a summoner from each splinter.


He also gifted me with a level 4 Gold Vampire to make it my second gold card now.

As that wasn’t generous enough he gave me a few other cards that I had and was able to level up with. That was real cool of him. Thanks again.

I also used the market for the first time today and they made it super easy to use. You just search for the card you want and it lists all the available ones for sale with its price. Once you find the one you want you could use Steem Connect or Vessel to purchase it instantly.

I was able to purchase some Highland Archers and Vampires for .02 and leveled up my Archer to level 4 and the Vampire to level 3. Also bought a Divine Healer for .11 and lastly I bought one Tyrus Paladium (.47) summoner and Silvershield Knight (.15) to level up to 2 on both of them.

Heres what my collection looks like now after one week.


Looking forward to participating in my first tournament soon.
What do you guys think of my progress?

If your not playing Steem Monsters yet you are definitely missing out on a great game here. Don’t hesitate any longer and give it a try.

I bought the 10$ starter pack to start me off, which is a great starting point because you get your needed summoners and enough monsters to get you going.
As you complete daily quest’s and bi weekly season’s you will earn more Steem Monsters to grow your collection.

Heres my link if you would like to join.

#SteemMonsters #Steem

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Just bought 2 more Goblin Shaman for .06 each and a Rexxie for .05 all three were the last ones at those prices. Bought 15 cards in all today from the market.

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