Splinterlands: Land Presale Raffle Results

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The Land Presale Raffle was held today. Details about the raffle can be found here:


First, I'll share my results and then I'll provide the data on who won what.

The Bounty of Cat Land

Raffle Results.jpg

I had 14,736 raffle tickets. I won:

0 regions (0.01861 expected)
1 tract (0.1861 expected)
17 plots (18.61 expected)
170 untamed boosters (186.1 expected)
197 dice (186.1 expected)
3 legendary totems (3.722 expected)
19 epic totems (18.61 expected)
99 rare totems (93.05 expected)
448 common totems (465.2 expected)

The good news is that I was lucky and won a tract. I got more dice than expected, and my epic totem count was on the high end of the expected range.

The slightly unfortunate news is that I got fewer plots, untamed boosters, rare totems, and common totems than expected and my legendary totem count was on the low end of the expected range.

Overall, I am happy with my results. MEOW!

Complete Raffle Results

After compiling all the raffle prize results, apparently it was too much data to easily post here (i.e. the data tables couldn't easily fit as images). So instead, I put all the data into a public Google Sheet that you can view here:


For those who don't want to mess with filters, I created separate tabs for each of the prize categories so you can see who won how much, along with how many raffle tickets they had.

Note that there were a total of 791,864 RAFFLE tickets. If you add together the RAFFLE tickets of everyone who won a prize then that equals 776,373 RAFFLE, so the remaining 15,491 RAFFLE were either held by people who didn't win any prize or the tickets were ineligible because they were on Hive Engine or were unclaimed Uniswap rewards.

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