Comment 2 Win, Giveaway Week 6, Legendary Frost Giant!

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Win this Steem Monsters Card... You only have to comment to win!

Last week I gave away an Alpha Edition Gold Foil Goblin Sorcerer...

With the money that I made from last week's posts... I present to you this highly sought after, Alpha Edition, Gold Foil Goblin Sorcerer!

I am doing this giveaway every week, so make sure you keep up.

Every week I make two posts... One post to reveal the card that is being given away, and another post to announce the winner after the first post expires.

I take all liquid steem and/or SBD rewards from both of those posts and use those funds to buy a card off of the Steem Monsters Market. That card then becomes next week's giveaway card.

This is not only allowing a lot of people to win cards that they may not otherwise be able to afford, but is also helping people sell their cards on the market.

So the reward payout from the post where I pick last week's giveaway winner...

This is a link to that post if you want to upvote and re-steem it!

And reward payout from this post that you are reading right now (which you can upvote and re-steem from the bottom the post)

Will both contribute to next week's prize!

Bonus Prize...

If you want to be eligible for the Bonus Prize... Tag a friend in your comment (with the @). This giveaway will be better if more people know about it. If you get picked as the winning comment and you have tagged a friend, you win both cards!# If you want to make sure that the prizes stay good and continue to be high value cards, Make sure that you Upvote and Resteem Both Posts every week.

Featured Card... Brought to you by @clove71

No extra action is required at this time to win the featured card, a second commenter will be chosen to win this card. But everyone should show @clove71 some love. You can also find her on youtube Here She makes lots of Steem Monsters content so make sure you check her out!

Contact me on YouTube or Discord if you would like to donate to the giveaway and become a featured guest.

If you want to make sure that the prizes stay good and continue to be high value cards, Make sure that you Upvote and Resteem Both Posts every week.

But to be completely clear... You only have to leave a comment in this post to be eligible to win the main prize... and any comment will do.

P.S. Don't forget to follow me so you don't miss out on future giveaways.

P.P.S. I am also trying to build up my influence on YouTube... So If you wouldn't mind subscribing there, it would be greatly appreciated. If I can get enough people interacting on YouTube I will probably start to give away Steem Monster Cards there too.

This is a link to my YouTube channel!

Have Fun and Good Luck!

❗️It is important to note that you do not have to purchase anything to be eligible to win this card... you must buy a Steem Monsters Starter Pack to be able to compete in battles, but anyone with a Steem account can log into Steem Monsters and collect or even purchase cards off of the market.

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I mean... Naturally!! @rishi556 ^>^

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I've got a frost giant that I can delegate to you if you wanna test it out.

I'm in tagging @sayalijain

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You are always so quick! I delegated out some of my steem so my vote only worth 4 cents. But you sir may have it!

Posted using Partiko iOS


That's cool. It always pops up when I'm already browsing Steemit via @partiko. Plus at times a notifications helps.
I'm addicted to anything related to Steem. May it be Drug wars, SM, Partiko, Discord. Lol

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huge prize compared to usual. i hope i get lucky. thanks for this


Yeah. I explain why in my my giveaway video for last weeks card. I hope to be able to continue to give away really good cards.

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Great work. I am new to steem so no one to tag at the moment

What a brilliant idea this is! And a good place to meet other steemmonsters player who are active at steemit as well. Kudos!


Thanks. I am hoping that other people copy my Idea too. I created a giveaway train to try and cultivate a place for many giveaways to come together. I would like to see less of the Steem Monsters upvote go towards posts about people’s daily rewards and more of those upvotes going towards buying cards off of the market to drive adoption.

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I'll tag my son's account @anjadani , even if I may be a little slow on your idea.

Have been some busy 5 days with me and steem. Catched the train and there I went. ;) Now I remember where I've seen your decent business model. I'm definitely interested in duplication. Any hooks?


Just looking to get more people on the giveaway train. Even if it means giving away some cards to get people started. You seemed to like the idea so I offered to give you a card to get started. The deal is to use at least 2 of your steem monsters upvotes every week to fund buying cards from the market to give away. You will end up getting organic upvotes on top of that. But just those 2 alone will be enough. And you do get to keep any sp that gets paid so it does help offset the loss from the 2 votes that you would have otherwise been able to use towards another post. I think if I can get a lot of people doing this that we can drastically increase liquidity on the SM market not to mention drive up the market-cap.

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Absolutely! It's just that I'm pretty busy with everything steem already. Have you seen my son's blog at @anjadani? So I'll take my time. Yet I keep the idea in the forehead. Have a novice tournament idea as well. However, me first, family second, community third. (y)

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