More ways to earn with Steemmonsters!

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@steemmonsters has done it again! A new twist to the game has brought more trading cards to the mix. These cards you can only earn during game play so if you decide to sell them on the open earn free Steem! Brilliant.

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Friend, I loved seeing you in the battle, I was very distressed because you have great level but it was very exciting to see you in the sand. I never imagined finding you in the battlefield. This new season has brought many surprises, I am very excited.

Good luck and a hug.

This is cool. I hope that more projects like this become more popular. I'd like to see more video games do things like this. As a gamer, I'd totally love this. The PC Steam app, the popular gaming platform, not the cypto, has an in app market that you can trade things on for either store credit or other things and it's super popular.

Thank for good information

Maybe I will start on this steemmonsters. This looks cool

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The developers continue to innovate for the community as the thing I like most about the new cards is that is adds more diversity and potential to the teams and the strategies that can be created to play with!

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Steemmonsters is one of the best dapps on steem blockchain and it has really progressed well. To be honest, I have never played it and I don't whether I will play or not but it has a huge fan base on steem and it is one of the reasons new users are joining steem.
Nice vlog btw.

Love the new cards and abilities they have. Changes made to protect our investment and diminish returns for those who have multiple accounts with low lvl decks, farming quests and season rewards.

The game just keeps getting better. Can you imagine how it will look a couple years down the road?

I have no idea about this steemonsters or how i can l can play it!! Everyone talk about it but i don't get it!!

Its really not so difficult. One thing i tell anyone interested is first buy your packs, and start loosing battles, you will learn faster that way. Goodluck

So i have to lose if i want to learn, and how much this will cost me?

So i have to lose
If i want to learn, and how
Much this will cost me?

                 - soufiani

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

A booster pack contains 5 cards. These days, the only way to get them is through buying them, no longer used as giveaways. To give you a good rise up,you need nothing less than 20 booster packs

Good information and good chance to earn free money .

Gotta plqy more
Well played Sir

Never played this game. I wish to play it but don't know how :/

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Wow. brilliant information. Every people earn money. So thank you sir @broncnutz

Well information. You are thinking about us. So you gave that post. I hope sometimes you gift some information about online earning. Thanks sir.

I know I'm excited about these new cards and the way they're being offered only from gameplay! Pretty awesome :)


This is good game , play and earn free money .

Your information high important how to earn free money from steemmonsters. Thanks for assistance.

Wow! Brilliant!Go for it!

Oh thank u for sharing sir great info

Wowww that's good thank you for sharing us :)

Hello broncnutz!

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I bought a whole bunch of cards yet I have yet to actually play the game lol. Maybe I should try this thing out...

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