I Found A Gold Legendary Steem Monster! WOW!

in steemmonsters •  3 months ago

Looks like the market for this card is somewhere over $1,000.00 already. I had to open 600 packs to get this card.

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Damn bro you went all out to get that bad boy.

A few more people have these card and holding, you are lucky to get those one, steem on!

As your attorney, I would advise you to sell it for $1,000 worth of STEEM, power it up, and delegate it to me! ;)

Collectors be making the $$.

Wow, Congratulations.
how much it cost you to open 600 packs?


about a grand


Cash money 🤑💵

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Seriously! Wow! Tell me you are money ahead on this game!

Don't you kidding me! how can we participate?

Just like hunting for real gold somewhere in Rocky Mountains. Glad you grabbed it, @broncnutz.

I have some “Magic The Gathering “ cards that were collectible. I have not played in a few years but I think they are still worth a few dollars 💵. You will have to host a Steem Monsters meet up and play for SBD!$!$!


Nobody gonna wanna play with me.....i got some sick cards. Im talking about wrecking your town, destroying your neighborhood and driving away in your Ferrari type of cards cuz. Death and Destruction

I just bought the starter pack.


Good work man..... and can even upvote your comments. You get fucking paid for comments!!!!!!!!!

Wow, congrats man!

Wao its amazing.Congratulations sir.What a great monster.

Gold Foil Legendaries will only go up over time, as more players enter the market. There aren't enough cards for everyone to max their decks even if they wanted to.
If the 'Gold Foil Only' events are actually worth something substantial people will make the investment to get ahead in the GF game.

PS: If you have real money to burn the $10K Kickstarter Tier, pays for itself in the cost of Alpha Gold Foil cards you receive. The 110 Alpha boosters and every other regular cards are just a bonus :-D
Do the math.

This is something huge, congratulations.

so now can we have a party from you? :P

1000$ :O A single car worth 1000$ :O It's amazing.

Wow that's too much money! You had to open too many packages to find it that's luck


Yeah it seems very expensive some other Australians are already 13k USD deep in these cards. Buckle up

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Congratulations dear friend, I hope some day to find one myself too! God bless you always.

@broncnutz is not Fooling Around he is going to Go At Steemmonsters because He is in It to WIN It...........Losers can Go Home !!!

Oh wow I'm in South Africa how can we do steem monsters. I'm not sure where to play or het the cards. Lol

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Thanks it seems awesome

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You are so lucky @broncnutz

Sell it if there's actually a buyer at $1,000 and keep all of your other cards for free.


It will be worth $5k in a year ;) nobody sells a gold foil legendaries. How's this @o07 gifted me a gold foil frost giant with only 34 in the game. Worth around $2k.

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I heard about that. Very cool. It could me more in the future or it could be less. It’s all a gamble! Sometimes taking the $ now to have entirely free cards guaranteed going forward isn’t a waste of future potential profit.

wuao friend is lucky to get it
happy nights

wow what a cool steemonster 😍

Well that's something to hold on to looks amazing time to keep collecting it :D

Nice...good find!

That’s awesome I just bought my first deck!

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Congratulations @broncnutz!

If I had the money I would do the exact same thing.

You will not only cover your 1000$ investement in booster packs with this gold legendary but make lots of profit.

That's really awesome! I also got some gold foil legendaries: 2 Angels of Light and a Chromatic Dragon.

I hope you will also play when battles come?

Nice find, although opening 600 packs must have taken some time! I wonder when we will actually get to use the cards and play the game.

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