Newb Getting Into Steem Monsters - Journey To Spend $500

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So I've haven't been around Steemit for awhile. When I came back I noticed this new card game called Steem Monsters and it peaked my interest. I've had some money on Steemit that I haven't been using so I decided to start powering down and spend some on this new game. I've decided to set aside $500 to spend on this game over the next few months.

Like the title says, I'm a newb at these types of card games so I will be learning as I go. I just thought it might be neat to document it as I buy packs along the way.

So I started off by buying the $5 starter pack. Apparently, everyone needs to buy this pack first. This was my first confusion. According to the website at : everyone gets 30 cards in the pack.

Steem Starter Pack Description.PNG

Unfortunately, I only got 15 cards so I don't know if I'm not reading that correctly or something has changed and the site needs updated. Please comment below if you know. But here is the 15 cards I got in that pack.

Starter Pack 1_5.PNG

Starter Pack 6_10.PNG

Starter Pack 11_15.PNG

Once you have the starter pack purchased you can then buy boosters so I bought 2 packs to start with.

Pack 1

Booster Pack 1.PNG

So Pack 1 got me my first Epic Card in Defender Of Truth. Pretty awesome and I also got a rare card as well.

Pack 2

Booster Pack 2.PNG

Pack 2 got me 2 more rares which I guess is decent considering you are only guaranteed 1 rare or better card per pack.

So that's where I'm at so far. I've spent $9 of the $500 I'm going to spend. I plan on buying more booster packs in the next few days and weeks. I also need to learn more about trading, selling, and the cards themselves leading up to the tournaments this fall.

So hopefully, you will follow along and if you have any tips please leave them below.

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I'd join our discord:

There is always great information there!

I actually joined the discord the other day but didn't see anything like a newb resource guide unless I missed it. I think something like this would be helpful to attract more people.

Meatbag if you've made your deck's choice and fire is your color... I got a sweet sweet deal for you.

Just come see at the bootleggers wagon

Have a look at this auction which just finished: If you would like a similar deal, just reply to this comment. I also have more cards, so let me know if you are looking for any in particular to complete your collection.

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