My First Legendary Steem Monster Cards - Newb's Journey Through SteemMonsters

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So if you read my post yesterday, you know that I'm looking to spend $500 on packs of Steem Monsters over the next few months before the tournaments start. So last night I opened 10 more booster packs and managed to pull 2 legendary cards from there.

First Legendary.PNG

The first one was the Elemental Phoenix. Not a bad looking card and will probably be a special one in my collections since it's my first legendary.

2nd Legendary.PNG

The second one was Selena Sky and my first dragon legendary. Who doesn't love dragons!

So I now have 75 cards in my collection with 60 of those coming from the booster packs. Given the 1% drop rate of legendary, I shouldn't mathematically even have one yet so I'm running hot.

Here is the 10 packs in the order as I opened them.

Pack 1.PNG
Pack 2.PNG
Pack 3.PNG
Pack 4.PNG
Pack 5.PNG
Pack 6.PNG
Pack 7.PNG
Pack 8.PNG
Pack 9.PNG
Pack 10.PNG

I'm also 2 cards short of completing the common set. I'm not sure if I should be combining cards too with the ones I have duplicates on. If you have an opinion on that I'd love to hear it in the comments below.

I'll be opening another 10 booster packs over the weekend. Hope you check back to see if I can pull another legendary.

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