13 More Steem Monster Booster Packs - First Gold Card

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If you have read my other post, judging by the upvotes and comments on them you haven't, I'm currently on a journey to spend $500 on the Steem Monsters game. I'm still trying to learn more as I go but I've opened another 13 packs and I thought I'd show what I got.

I did pull my first gold card.

First Gold.PNG

It was just a common card but cool nonetheless. It appears you can get all the cards in a gold version which is good because it just adds more cards you can collect.

The other packs were just common though. No epics or legendaries. One good thing is though I did complete my commons set and I"m only 1 card short of completing the rares.

Pack 13.PNG
Pack 14.PNG
Pack 15.PNG
Pack 16.PNG
Pack 17.PNG
Pack 18.PNG
Pack 19.PNG
Pack 20.PNG
Pack 21.PNG
Pack 22.PNG
Pack 23.PNG
Pack 24.PNG
Pack 25.PNG

So all told I've spent $55 towards the $500.

Good luck to everyone else as you open those addictive booster packs!

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