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I guess my Steemit posting schedule is down to every three weeks. I seriously need to post at least once a week. I have given up on the platform, though, since most of my Steemit Time is spent on Steem Monsters and Drug Wars. I am getting pretty good at Steem Monsters but dont understand Drug Wars at all. Maybe if I spend more time on Steemit I can get some pointers.


You should post more to get your sbi4 $. lol

Meh. I can make twice as much in one day playing the games for 30 minutes than posting in this wasteland - lol!

You're not into social media?

I am. Is this considered social media with only about 1800 daily users and 2/3s of them are bots?

Supposedly there are about 40,000 accounts transacting so we might have 1800 daily active real users. lol

Ah, well that changes everything! LOL! We know 600 of those are actifit users posting reports daily so they can get their reward. So about 1200 worldwide using it as social media. That is kind of pathetic.

I'm curious what the real numbers are. There sure are a lot of actifit posts though. lol

Dapps sites list daily users. Last time I looked Steemit had less than Partiko and Partiko was less than 2000 users the day before. Then you have to factor in bots...

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