A Long Overdue Update

in #steemmonsters2 years ago

I can't believe it has been almost a month since my last posting. I still check in with Drug Wars every day, check up on Steem Monsters maybe once a month, and even look at the price of Steem every week, but I never post. So here is the update:
I am still cautiously optimistic about Steem - the blockchain. Steemit not so much.

I like Drug Wars on the blockchain and all the changes they are making and think it may go somewhere. Only time will tell. At least they are making big plans so I hope they turn out as planned.

I soured on Steem Monsters. I like the idea but every time I went to battle as a newbie I got matched with players way above my league who held selections of cards I would have to spend a fortune to purchase. I can't win cards in unequally matched battles so why bother? Maybe they will fix that flaw in the game.

Steemit, well what can I say? It is still hanging on with a couple of thousand daily users so I have to give them credit. No other social media site could hang on with so few users.

I guess that is about it. Until next time...

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