bobbythegreat's generous giveaways - #14 (NO RESTEEM REQUIRED)

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Welcome To Bobby's

I plan on hosting these giveaways every second day so in a week there will be 3-4 giveaways, trust me I counted...
The giveaways will work like a tiered system, as the payout of the post increases the value of cards being given away will increase, you will be able to see what will be unlocked at what stage.
If the payout goes over a secret special number(chosen at random) all cards will be given out.

How do I plan on getting cards?

    I have two ways of getting cards:
  1. If everyone who enters this giveaway gives me an upvote then I should be able to supply cards every week
  2. Play ranked for packs which I can open for cards

Why am I doing this?

I don't post often so maybe doing this will help me think of some new ideas, gain a following and keep me active, while helping others

Rules for today's giveaway:

  • Upvote this post with at least 50% vote strength
  • Follow me
  • Comment on this post when you have finished the above-stated rules
  • *optional*Resteem this post so it can reach a bigger audience*optional*

The first card being given away will be:

Tier 0 (no payout required): Spineback Turtle

Tier 1 (payout of 0.05$ required without bots): Rexxie

Tier 2 (payout of 0.10$ required without bots): Flesh Golem

Tier 3 (payout of 0.15$ required without bots): Earth Elemental

Winners will be picked at random after the payout of this post, Good Luck to you all and see you next week, or my next giveaway?

Winner of Last week's Giveaway: @talhatariq

check this one out if you haven't entered yet:


Done, done and... done :D

Following, Upvoted and Resteemed...

As usual, you're really early!

@bobbythegreat done <3

I want to share a idea with you. Yesterday I saw a user who created a Steem Monster account, bought the starter pack and send a good amount of cards to that account and then he proposed a deal.

He borrows the account to a lucky person and that person have to play ans send a minimun 5 booster packs per week to the owner until he recieves 60 packs... If the lucky person send 60 booster packs the account is for him with all the monster cards.

How sounds that for you? I think is a bit risky for the owner and the users because you can cheat easily, but if done correctly it's very profitable for the owner (receives more than a handred dollars in booster packs just for borrowing) and users (receive a account with the starter pack and some cards for free) its awesome for people who can't afford one.

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Hmm, that is interesting I'll think about it and let you know :)

That's @nealmcspadden if you want to read his posts about it.

I will do that.

Listo, ya te sigo, voté, y ahora comento.

¡Buena suerte a todo el mundo!

Title "No resteem required"

Rules for entry "resteem this post"

Sorry mistake on my end xD

Hi, @bobbythegreat!

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No resteem required, except resteem required!

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Fixed sorry about that

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Following, upvote 100% and yes.... RESTEEMED!

Entry Completed!

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