The Ultimate @steemmonsters Pull - 2 packs, 4 legendaries!!!

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The Greatest @steemmonsters Pull Ever

I'm not kidding, my @steemmonsters collection review and pack explorer tools have been a lot of fun to build and it's particularly exciting having all this data.

Since I can just write a query I dug into the data and found this purchase of 2 packs that had 6 commons and 4 legendaries!!

It gets crazier. Here's how it breaks down by pack.


So 3 legendaries in one single pack. I'm pretty sure even a grown man would squee out loud opening that pack. And then to open the second pack and have another legendary. Unreal.

Now, this transaction was on June 2, 2018 and they've tweaked the formula since then to reduce the drop rate for legendaries so anything like this is pretty unlikely now. Then again, I'm pretty sure chaos theory dictates that given a long enough timeline, we'll eventually see a 5 legendary pack.

I'm not going to name the account that pulled this for the sake of privacy, but I think we'd all be interested in hearing the story of opening those packs!

I'll keep looking for things like this and I'm sure I'll find some other interesting things to share.


Wow, what a lucker.

Seriously though!

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