Relaunch! - With real-time pull rates and starter/booster pack sales!

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Complete Transformation

Take a look at the new and significantly improved!


And yeah, we've got charts and graphs now!

We've come a long way from our simple roots.


Let's jump into those changes.

An actual site - with color!

As I've mentioned before, the first version of the site was literally a sit down and start typing sort of coding session with absolutely no time for design whatsoever. It was raw HTML, with barely a dash of bootstrap thrown in.

I've pushed everything into an actual template, with color! And most importantly, menus and the general feel of a legitimate site.

Let's jump into some of the specific changes.


We have menus!

To start I've got the original two block explorers and now I've added some Charts.

I literally spend most of the day writing SQL queries so I'm beyond excited to keep digging into this new dataset, a dataset that is only going to grow and expand even more once we start playing!

Block Explorers

We still have the Account Collection Explorer.

And the Pack Explorer.


Now, I've added a pull rate summary for one purchase. And of course, I had to use the greatest pull ever that I was pretty excited to find. You can validate this in the blockchain to confirm that it was not my pull.



Honestly, I can't wait to see what we come up with here. I need to blog about this more, but I spend most of my time analyzing Google AdWords campaigns, in SQL, so my days are filled with generating useful reports from mountains of data. And now I have another mountain.

As I've been digging in the data I realized I could see the pull rates by rarity and I posted about it and realized this would be very interesting to watch so I created this report.

And the cool thing with both charts is that you can click on the name in the legend to disable that data so you can look at things more granularly. The legendaries line is hard to read compared against everything else so you can click on the other rarities to see only this.

Rarity Drop Rates


I've also taken a look at the number of starter and booster packs being generated each day.

Daily Pack Sales


Both of these are the trailing last 7 days. If there's enough interest, I may build out a historical explorer to look back over all time.

What's next?

Here's a quick dump of things I'm looking at:

  • Gift cards/packs
  • Combined cards (and the now removed cards)
  • XP!
  • Inventory for the entire @steemmonsters universe
  • An actual dashboard with real-time stats

Is there anything else you'd be interested to see?

I'm carefully transforming the JSON object saved in the blockchain to a true relational database so I can join this data and explore everything with ease. I know we're just getting started so I'm excited to see what's next for @steemmonsters!


Thanks for taking the time to push out this work. I have no idea about coding on this level. All I can do is be grateful fir your work.


I like to say it's fun to dive deep into the matrix like this, but mostly it's dark and scary! Seriously though, thanks for the support.

Hey cool to see it transform step by step!

Thanks, I've enjoyed watching your project unfold as well, I'm beyond excited to see what's in store for @steemmonsters!

Should be lots of cool stuff

Haha, I think it might actually be even worse than that!

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