She Who Shall Feed (Haunted Spider Theme) - Entry to My Steem Monsters Adventures Contest

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Come join me and follow the adventures of the Haunted Spider from Steem Monsters through musical motions on the piano. With three movements, the Haunted Spider takes up her new form and destiny as she searches for her loved ones and searches for prey, desires to be free and desires to feed. "She Who Shall Feed" is vaguely inspired by the Steem Monsters main theme music (just a few hints here and there), and is an original composition.

If there was one monster for whom I would compose a song on the piano, it had to be the Haunted Spider, given I have a personal and more intimate relationship with her, being her writer. I know her better than I know any other monster, I understand where she comes from, what she has become and where she is heading.

You can follow along by simultaneously reading the Haunted Spider's story, and probably be able to identify which part of the story inspired which part of the song.

This is my entry for the My Steem Monsters Adventures Contest. My adventures follow one monsters

So come join me on the battle field and start playing Steem Monsters today. Use my affiliate link to help support my content. I hope to see you on the battlefield.

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