The Quest of Aicu-Chan ~ The Fellowship

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One season has passed and my bot with a starter deck managed to collect more followers. But first and foremost, how did aicu-chan do over the last season?

Season Performance

Aicu-chan really pushed herself. Reaching almost silver league in the end, she finished in Bronze I. And she only had a starter deck along with a couple of reward cards. One or two of them at LVL 2.

Aicu-chan's deck

She managed to purchase one flesh golem for 200 something DEC. Aside from that she collected a few powerful allies from quest and season rewards.

But for now she can't use the epic manticore. Because dragon summoners are not part of the starter deck...
Hopefully, she draws another dragon summoner soon from a quest reward.

Small giveaway

For now I won't be giving away any cards of aicu-chan, because she needs every single one of them. But I'll pick one of aicu's reward cards. And this time it will be this golden boy. A gold foil undead minotaur.

Just comment down below, include a valid SM name and he is yours :)

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well lets try my luck here as well! username is @guchtere.
Impressive work with that bot. How many accounts are yo running in totall?

  ·  11 days ago (edited)

Well, then good luck :) the giveaway will close with the payout date.

And regarding your other question : Currently im running aicu and aicu-chan. I've been approached by a few people who wanted to use my bot. A couple with excessive requests like: 10-20 account bot farms.
Finally I ended up running the bot for three people which had no time to play for themselves. 3 decks in total besides mine. A bit of "development funding" in that sense.

Just found aicu-chan is a bot! One of my small dreams is to create an AI-powered steemmonsters bot. But lacking time and resolve, apparently.

Great job!

Thanks, she tries hard to beat all those players, be they bot or human ;)

But : do you know how to program?

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The deck is coming around rather nicely. Hope you get the dragon summoner soon!

@Rymlen if there is still a chance to parttake in the raffle

Thanks, I hope so too :D And there is of course still a chance to partake :)

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That Card would be a great addition to my Collection (@samsemilia7)

Most people like shiny stuff ;) let's see if you get lucky :)

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nicely done, i am courious how she's perform as she climbs up the ladder. How does aicu-chan stacks & buys cards, is this done manually by you? (am: @schneegecko)

Well, I do the card merging/buying manually right now. But I could automate that :)

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Alright, giveaway is over.

The winner is: @hotbit

I'll send out the card out asap.