What's Going On On SteemMonsters?

I had quite a strange experience today while I was doing my Daily Quest on the SteemMonsters site.

My deck is a level 4 deck and I'm currently battling in the Gold 2 League.

Normally, I have a fairly high number of games I win, but today was pretty weird.

Let me show you:

Now, winning 5 games in a row is not the weird thing in this situation. it happened before.

As you can see in the screenshots above, my opponents' ratings go from 2143 up to 2762, which should make them a pretty good match.

Now here's the strange part:

All 5 accounts were only level 1!

The options I can think of:

A. For being level 1 accounts, they sure are pretty high up in the league.

B. Maybe they are just trying to lower their rating and have sent their higher level cards to another account. Which is possible, of course - but it would be a strange coincidence that I would get matched with 5 of those accounts in a row...

C. There is a secret conspiracy I don't know about, that is set up so I can complete my DQs quickly and easily.

To be honest, none of those 3 options sounds probable to me.

What am I missing here????

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This is strange. Although, this has happened to me before as well. It could be that they are trying to complete daily quest with splinter teams that aren’t leveled very high. I doubt this is to make daily quest easier because I have a max level death splinter team and yet I rarely get daily quest for that splinter. I also get matched with tough opponents when I’m completing daily quest for other splinters. I even get frustrated at times because completing my daily quest can be really hard. I’m usually playing in champion league though so that could have something to do with all this. I’ve been loving this game so much and really enjoying the tournaments that have been hosted since then. See if this keeps happening to you and with your daily quest matches as well. If it does, maybe there is something there?🤔 Take care!👋

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It might have something to do with the fact that there were 8 days left in the season yesterday.
It was the last moment you could send your cards to another account and still play them within this season.

Bring your account up as high as possible, get a new starter deck, send the new cards to your old account, and your high level cards to your new account, and get that new account as high in the league as possible.

Just guessing, but I think that's pretty close to the truth about what's going on...

I'll be happy to see them around bronze and silver.. because the bots on that tier is level 4 summies and it's getting hard to fight them with level 2 summies

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