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RE: Despite Growing Pains, Splinterlands Is Still An Amazing Game And Great Opportunity!

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Hi Dave, I want to thank you for all the help in the early days of steem, and to let you know that I really appreciated the delegation from so so long ago, in a splintered land so far away. I am currently in a full power down, and have two more weeks before I will be fully powered down. It is unlikely that once the power down is complete that I will be back on steem, I just find it to difficult to maintain to social sites, so most of my effort will be over on the Hive site for now.

I think it would be wise time for you to go ahead and take the delegation back, knowing that I fully did appreciate it and all your help.I will be removing my delegation to FOG on next Monday, or after Sundays post. I hope you ahve a good weekend and are not to close to any of the rioting going on down in the lower 48 states.


Hey @bashadow, I appreciate you taking the time to stop by and tell me. As I posted on the FOG post to you, I really enjoyed my time on Steemit and I had respect for many strangers (like you) :D that I came to know and really like as people. I will remove the delegation as you said, but I want to say that while we never really made it far with @newbieresteemday, I was very proud to make both you and @beeyou the first Newbie Stewards! You both were amazing when things were going well and I really respected what you did. I'll never forget seeing you everywhere, helping others... You are a true gentleman and that's why I named an account for you called @chivalrousknight! ;)

I'm sure we'll be in touch but if you ever need me for anything, always contact me on Discord!!!