Steemmonsters Giveaway and Some New Features I Like

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Just wanted to say how excited I am with how the launch of Steemmonsters is coming along. So I have decided to do a giveaway of 3 SPINEBACK WOLF cards to one lucky winner. All you have to do to enter is upvote, and resteem this post. I will announce a winner in 7 days.
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One of the new features that I really love that Steemmonsters is doing, is the new curation account they have created to upvote posts about Steemmonsters from people who bought starter/booster packs from them. All you need to do is register in their discord to to be able to receive upvotes for your Steemmonsters post.

Another feature, I believe people will really like is the delegation market they have put in their roadmap. I never even thought about leasing your cards to other players for a tournament or a certain amount of time. This is what I am really excited about.

Here is a link to their kickstarter and their fundition pages. Any more pledges going forward just adds to the prize pool in the daily tournaments coming soon.

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I gave you a big upvote and resteem




thank you

Hey @barne731,

Thanks for this giveaway - upvoted & resteemed!

I'm really looking forward to the gameplay and the beta booster packs on Sept. 17!! Woohoo!


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thank you

Good luck to those entered.


@rentmoney make sure to resteem the post to enter the giveaway

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thank you

I aldo like..thanks to u.

Upvoted and resteemed! Thanks for the opportunity!