EV - EXPECTED VALUE of BETA boosters! 🐉

in #steemmonsters6 years ago (edited)

Looks like SteemMonsters has not been immune to the recent downturn in the market. Still holding up better than most crypto assets though.

Yeah, that's right @nealmcspadden

I think the price you calculated is fair, since last 20packs i haven't got any good card like gold or epic. All the packs are almost worth 0.4-0.5$ max after opening otherwise its less.
Dayyan Khan

Good post. My pack luck has been terrible. Spend $100 last night on 50 packs. 0 Legendary cards :(

Bad to hear that @bittrio!

No matter the average price of the pack you open, it's fun to open packages, every time you open one is like throwing money in the air waiting for more money to fall than the one you threw. its a game after all, like any slot machine.

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