Steem Monster Earth Elemental Giveaway!

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Hope you guys are excited for another giveaway! Time to go back to green cards today.

Today’s Card

Today’s Card is the Earth Elemental! Here’s some pics:

Picture from my collection
(Pictures found on


Pretty simple! Below are all the criteria’s to be entered!

  1. Upvote this post at 100% regardless of vote value. Anything under 100% will not be counted.

  2. Resteem

3.Comment below!

That’s about it! Good luck to you all! We will randomly pick a member and mention the winner after post pays out.

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I'm all about that action boss. Card me please! :)


Come and get it!

Oooh, I like this! My Earth Elemental Lyverian Rare  monster is currently only Level 2, so I'd like to improve it a lot before the battles and tournaments begin, especially as I plan to use the Lyverian Splinter  Team quite a bit. Really hope I win this one! 🤞

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Best of luck to you!

best of luck to me and everyone lolx

Thank for the giveaways !

I don't have an earth elemental yet. Thanks for the opportunity at a chance for one.


Sorry giveaway winner has already been announced. Try the next giveaway that’s coming up soon


I will thanks.

Upvoted & resteemed

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Upvoted and resteemed. I really want this. I have collecting trees since the start. But not yet full card.

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Great giveaway! Count me in.