[Steem Monsters] Steem Monsters Card table #2 More convenient teaming.

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[Steem Monsters] Steem Monster Card table

Hello, Steem monsters user, I'm @ayogom.
I have updated Excel for Steem Monsters.
If you use this Excel, it's easier to know the information of the steem monsters. And you can easily configure your team!. I have updated the information on all cards.

This is the history of the 0.2 version update.

  1. Error typo : Thoms -> Thorns
  2. The number of cards show required for MAX level and the expected price show.
  3. COMBAT STATS sheet update
  4. Monsters selection function added (automatic MANA calculate to sum)
  5. Decryption of Excel.


  1. Levelup sheet

  2. Monsters selection function

Please contact me if you have typo or improvement.
If you follow me, you can get lots of Steem monsters information.

Download : https://drive.google.com/open?id=1pwUuMV2WA0w-r2t3SzjxaNiTsrbUSFTB



What a great post! Thanks so much for being here at Steem Monsters! Glad you are here! :-)
Enchantress of the Night (752px, 23.976fps).gif

Very useful 👍👍👍

So generous of you to put this together for the SteemMonsters community.

That's awesome, thanks @ayogom. I'm always looking to improve my own spreadsheet, and mine is a long way from complete yet! 😃  My plan is to get mine to pull in the data directly from the JSON endpoints of the main @SteemMonsters website's API. Hopefully, if I can achieve that, then I won't need to do so much manual work each time SteemMonsters releases a new card or a whole new Edition. That's the plan, anyway. Thanks for sharing your spreadsheet, it is giving me some great ideas!

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I think so too, I'm also aiming to make it!
But I do not know when to make it...................

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Wow, this is great work; very useful information! Thank you!!

soohyeongk님이 ayogom님을 멘션하셨습니당. 아래 링크를 누르시면 연결되용~ ^^
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킥스타터 링크를 SNS에 공유하면,
추첨을 통해서 GOLD Rexxie 카드를 준데.
그래서 참여 해봤어.

SNS에 링크...

aewind님이 ayogom님을 멘션하셨습니당. 아래 링크를 누르시면 연결되용~ ^^
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...bum - I'd love to share it and see if it ends up being something you could end up using in promotional affairs!

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