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RE: The Top 50 Most Addicted Steem Monsters Accounts!

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Hi Luke, really interesting post; I've been away from Steemit for quite a while now (I came across your post on Twitter, since I follow you there too and I'm still active on that platform), so it's exciting to see that the community is still really engaged and continuing to innovate - that this revolutionary platform is still going strong.

Since you're someone with quite a lot of enthusiasm for @steemmonsters, and undeniable technical expertise, perhaps you could help clarify something for me. From my understanding, Steemit doesn't have "smart contract" capabilities - that's one of the reasons why everyone is excited for EOS, correct?

Don't these @steemmonsters just exist in a database owned by a single entity, controlled by unverifiable code? There's no provable scarcity etc. The ownership could be taken away from you. Most of what the new wave of CCG and Non-fungible tokens offer.

I'm wondering what I'm missing here... Do you think that it's the ability to buy and trade the cards (almost instantly with no transaction fees) for STEEM & SBD alone that's driving the interest in this project or is there something more to it?


Well, yes and no. It is centralized in terms of how the data is interpreted, but all the data I gathered here I did so from the blockchain. That data exists as records in the custom_json. If they didn't fulfill their commitments and started faking the numbers (either on blockchain or off) they would lose credibility with their community.

I do think the interest relates to many things people want to see on STEEM: fun, activity, engagement, novelty, excitement, potential for future rewards, potential for future gaming, etc, etc.

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