steemmonster blog #3

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hi all steeimian i hope a you all good, I'm also good.

yesterday I'm open 9 steemmonster card.

there have all card good, some Different power.
i have have to say with you all name, before see name check out the down side card.

  • Exploding dwarf *1
  • vampire *1
  • undead minotaur *1
  • flame imp *1
  • pirate archer 2 card *1
  • rusty Androi *1
  • daria dragonscale *1
  • mushroom seer *1
    ttis card only used other all until never use, it card is very good they reduce.
    he attack directly hade of team but dame time two battal.

new steemian ## follow me @ariful9551 and get update about steemmonster.

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