Steemmonsters needs us!

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The kickstarter is still $5000 away from their goal. There is still lots of time, but, you may want to act on it as there are some pretty sweet deals if you are going to be playing steemmonsters.

Go to their kickstarter page:

I have pledged $200 and really want to up it to $800... and really want to up that to $2900 and really want to up that to $10,000. If only I had the money.

Pledging $200 gets you the 110 backs you would get if you bought $200 worth of packs... plus a bunch more. I get 3 exclusive cards plus their gold variants. 1 common, 1 rare and 1 epic. If I up it to $800, I will also get the exclusive legendary and its gold variant. $2900 adds another 500 packs (610 packs total) plus you get to be a boss in the game that everyone teams up to fight. How cool is that really?

For $10,000, you get 110 packs, all the exclusive cards plus every alpha card and every alpha gold foil variant. If you are keeping score, that is 8 gold foil legendaries (plus the exlclusive gold foil legendary... so that is 9) which is likely valued at somewhere near $10,000.

If you got the $10K, you could almost support the game and make a profit. This is not investment advice. Steemmonsters gold foil legendaries are listed between $620 and $4444 as the lowest asks. They haven't sold enough to give a solid market price. But if the game takes off, all bets are off.

Anyways, all I am saying is to support this campaign before it is done. There is around $5000 yet to collect. So get on it!

Also, make steemmonster clothes and post it on their facebook page before wednesday. Good things will happen.

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