SteemMonsters - A suggestion

in steemmonsters •  2 months ago

Just yesterday, someone chatted me up about steemmonsters. He wanted to invest but I could not say much because I really don't have a full clue of how it really works. I just told him to join the discord group.

Not everyone is patient enough to start reading through scores of sometimes incomprehensible chat to understand something from the position of a newbie.

I suggest that a kind of central doc on how steemmonsters work be available for new comers who may find it hard to comprehend crypto battle games.

Most likely, this doc should be available on the main steemmonsters website.

My two cents advice.

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Like a manual right...pinned to the top of their blog, if possible right,,...i agree


Exactly. You got it.


But i love the game sha, it will probably be a learn as you play thing for me, 2 cents though...go get yourself some booster cards, you might just be lucky to hit a gold foil or Legendary..


Yeah. Hopefully. that will be good, though.