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Recently, exactly two months ago, I came across a post on steemit about

I tried it out, bought about two packs while I waited for the battle to begin. The battle is yet to begin but for the program to still be on, it means the battle is gonna be a reality.

My packs are still there, should have bought more.

You can purchase some steemmonsters on

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Haha, unfortunately @akintunde, at present we can't buy any more booster packs from the @SteemMonsters website, as the Alpha Edition packs have all sold out, and they haven't released the Beta Edition packs yet. So we're all in limbo right now, waiting, and buying up any second-hand packs we can find through @SteemBay auctions etc, or buying up individual cards on the Monster Market either with the main, official @SteemMonsters website, or with @PeakMonsters, or even the new, experimental @SMMarketToken. I can't wait to see the new Monsters  and Summoners  which will be coming out with the Beta Edition of #SteemMonsters!

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I was thinking pieces can be bought from those offered for sale

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I was kind of ff-line whilst this took off, looks like good fun, but I don't really understand the concept....