Steem Monsters: Pre-Sale Launch coming soon.

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I've been hard at work trying to put together Steem Monsters. I had some more artwork come in that I wanted to share. This gets us in the range of the number of monsters and items that we want to start the game with. We have a working system to purchase packs of cards, we have a place to show you how many card you have, and we're continuing to work on next steps.

Here are some Monsters to view

032 - Sea Monster.png

023 - Kraken.png

028 - Nymph.png

005 - Boogeyman.png

015 - Giant Squid.png

044 - Books.png

050 - Cloth.png

What is Steem Monsters

I started making a game almost four years ago. I actually had a kickstarter that went pretty well. I raised 20k for my game and started thinking about additional games I could create. I had this idea watching my kids argue that they would rip off buttons from their shirts to throw down in front of them to summon monsters to fight for them. This is the heart of where Steem Monsters was born creatively and Cryptokitties put a block chain business model to it.


Our intent is to build a game where you're the Dominus of a Monster Gladiator Stable. You have summoners that can summon monsters and monsters that can fight. There will be a series of matches per day. You'll choose a summoner, a monster, and weight class to fight in. Higher weight classes will have better prizes. There are things like equipment and spells to gear up your monsters and summoners.


  1. Pre-Sale (guarenteed legendaries available)
  2. Beastiary- See all of the monsters
  3. Items and trading- See your inventory, equip your gear, and trade the cards and inventory in a marketplace.
  4. Plan your fights- Choose your monsters, summoners, and weight classes that you will enter them in.
  5. Monsters will fight and earn you prizes for winning.


I'm doing the best we can with the physical and personal resources I have available. It's movin'. Pre-sale next week. And a working fighting tournament system by year's end. Hopefully sooner.


We're targeting 1 steem per deck of 5 cards. 40 steem for 50 decks of 5 cards and a guaranteed legendary dragon.

How's that sound?

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This sounds great. Interesting idea. The monsters are looking very unique from anything I've ever seen on this platform. It's a welcome development I must say. Good job again @aggroed.

Nice, where can I read more about this?


  • Presale ?
  • ICO ?
  • Will users be able to earn Steem through playing the game, or will you use a different SMT instead?
  • How will combat play out?
  • Is it hands on for people who want to be hands on?
  • Can it be set to do things while you're away?
    Steemit - thankyou U5dtq1a8QL4tDnQqpXQ7CXBYXRz46tm.gif

Take my money now! I've been waiting for more details about this since you hinted about it so long ago. Glad I'm sitting on some liquid steem, I can't wait to get involved.
Now I'm really going to be set back from my goal of hitting dolphin status. I need all the dragons man!!!

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I'd like a proper dragon please. green turquoise and purple and blue, with silvery scales and iridescent wings but the magic comes out of her forelegs and eyes as well as from her maw. she can color shift to conceal at will and is exceeding talented in advanced logistics and all languages. oh and she's a sorceress.




This is amongst the best ideas I have come across on this platform.

As a game lover, I know for sure how this would help build young minds! This sure sounds GREAT to me.

Sounds great! I'm in. Have at least 2 kids who are interested....


Just want to wish everyone well before the games begin. This is a great idea and I am excited for it to start. So sorry that everyone below
will perish.


This is cool @aggroed! :) I can see myself playing, I am really excited. When will this start? #steemmonsters ♥♥♥
Thank you @aggroed. :)

Interesting and cool 😎 idea!! I hope there will be a magical blue transformable cat. 😻

As a lover of Pokemon and Yu-gi-oh, this sounds like an amazing idea and I am really looking forward to seeing more! I will start saving towards the pre-sale then.

These are super cool, reminds me of Pokemon, might be huge with the right direction.

Awesome to see!

Thanks @aggroed . You must be a 40 something year old who grew up like me with D&D. Am I spot on :)

Thanks for this heads up will have to look at it

Is this coming Monday?! That's next week, right, I just can't wait.

Creative and unique. Which tool you used to design those?

I haven't been paying attention so this is the first I'm seeing about this, but colour me intrigued...

This is going to sound super pedantic, and maybe you have a reason for doing it, but when you mention pricing you use per "deck" of cards when I think you should use "pack" or something similar. A deck of cards is a selection of cards from your whole collection, a pack of is used to fill your collection. Like I said, super pedantic, and I know it's a silly thing to point out and has no bearing on the game you are making, but, hey, pedants gonna pedant.

I'm trying to teach myself how to make a game right now and one of the things I'd eventually like to learn is how to make something like a CCG so I'm gonna be keeping an eye on this to see how things turn out.


lets start a steem-monsters clan o_o


Sounds like a plan, haha.


sick send me one

yaah that great idea that you had this idea watching kids argue that they would rip off buttons from their shirts to throw down in front of them to summon monsters to fight for them!
so next pre sale is start so i will waiting!
thanks for sharing with us!




Count me in for a 40 steem order... too good to refuse!!

This is, without a doubt, genius. My hats's off to you sir.

Me want!
But aggroed, you Said steem as buy currency.
Why not use SBD instead? This would be a good case os using SBD as a currency, as It was intended.

Man i love the art its beautiful very nice job the game sounds great cant wait to play it im looking forward to the game. How do i get in on it i could see my self playing it alot. I also started following you because i think your game is going to be a hit thank you for your time your spending it i know youll make it a great game

This sounds exciting. I for one look forward to this!

I’m interested. I’ll be looking for that pre sale.

wow,,what a lovely post it is! hope that all kinds of people like amazing

I'm so hardcore in!

sounds like it could be the next Magic: The Gathering

Very cool, are the steem smart tokens ready to go? I haven't heard anything lately.

Quiero participar como hago para empezar?

wow even you also donate your steem doller to the poor people.nice thats great.i saw your image.thank you very much…


How do I guarantee a legendary dragon?

It sounds like you have the monetization down pretty solid. The next step is getting the balance set up just right. If I'm reading your post correctly, it sounds like this game is going to have a very solid PvP element to it. If that is the case, you're going to want to make sure you have everything balanced super well.

Also, build for longevity. A steady stream of income is better than a quick burst and then the game is dead. You'd think this goes without saying, but you'd be amazed how many F2P mobile developers can't grasp this concept.

Will users be able to earn Steem through playing the game, or will you use a different SMT instead? How will combat play out? Is it hands on for people who want to be hands on? Can it be set to do things while you're away?

Probably the most important of the questions I'm asking: what is your minimum viable product (MVP)? How much of it is done? How long will it take to reach that point?


You just addressed my concerns.@ddrfr33k
Hoping for the reply fromthe developer.

I am not much of a gamer and would definitely be too scared to play a monster game, but I am so sure gamers will love this!

I'd like to learn more about the gameplay and the mechanics of it. But I'm definitely interested. I like the idea that it would be tailored to the Steemit community. It could even be something that draws other people into Steemit.

Are you planning on having it be blockchain-based like CryptoKitties? I'm hoping and assuming that you'd use the Steem network, not Ethereum. That was just a mess.

  ·  last year (edited)

Sounds great! Keep rocking ;-)

Sounds good i think. Its a nice one.

M anticipating the pre-sale launch

Sounds amazing... what happens when 2 legendary dragons meet?

That ghost looking dude reminds me of Ghost Freak from Ben 10 lol

Sounded like Pokemon Go in the beginning until you mentioned cards. It's high time someone comes up with games like Go that earns Steem when one wins or is this game exactly what I'm talking about?

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Looks really cool, best of luck with this!

Followed can’t wait to see the alpha launch! Definitely put some steem aside for this project. Have any artist campaigns in mind get the community to help get the ball moving maybe even offer a card bounty?

Did you illustrate those? Those are awesome dude.

Breath still held! Wow this is awesome. Im speechless. Can't wait for the launching.

This is Awesome! I love the art and I love the project. Can't wait to see where this goes. I have been wanting to start a block-chain project built on steem but I am scared of the code. I know web languages but am so shaky with traditional coding I'm always behind the curve. Would love to team up with someone that has the know how to make my steem dream a reality. Best of luck with this! Can't wait to see the next steps to come.

I love this idea.
Definitely will be looking to buy some if my addiction to catapulting ugly, digital kittens into my neighbour's backyard is put on hold.

Oooh! Can I request a mad scientist! :) Yay!

Would you be able to sell said cards or would there be anyway to make steemd/SBD off the game or would this be for pure enjoyment. I've always enjoyed games, but part of my enjoyment comes from real world markets in said games (think WoW auction house or trading in Runescape).

Is there any rarity factor and if so, what guarantees do you offer on the sustained rarity over time? I ask as I'm stuck with a load of cryptokitties that were rare and are now worth not a lot at all.

Crazy fun! Love that squiddy looking one.

This sound like fun!!! As a gamer and a collector, I´ll start to save some Steem to buy some cards.
Just one question: As you said that you would use Cryptokitties as one of the inspirations, will it be possible to create new summons from the cards you already have or do you need to keep on buying decs?

This is going to be so down to earth STEEM MONSTERS!

Hey @aggroed, looking forward to it.

The pink octopi, is my fav..
Ive never been into D/D themed games but I am a game player none the less and with your techno engineering back ground,
This sounds interesting.

this sounds great but I am getting this error message on the presale:


You're great. the objects I'm looking for. that's it. I thank you so much for your effort and creativity. my favorite dragon @aggroed

nice thanks for your information.....xfgtyth.jpg

hahahaha buttons that is so cute and ingenious, cute-genious

I Love this interesting and cool idea........
This is super cool, reminds me of Pokemon, might be huge with the right direction........

Sound idea! i like it.

sounds like you should use some of the investments to hire another programmer.

Lighten your load and implement faster.

good luck!