Steem Monsters Animation and some personal notes

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Take a minute and treat yourself to this new Steem Monsters animation. In the not too distant future I hope to see it as cut scenes in the game and a cartoon for the community.

Steem Blast

@timcliff is running a Steem Blast promotion. I'd like to echo some of the points that he's made. I get to do this from a couple of spots that I think not many folks get to experience.

I started 2 years ago knowing absolutely nothing about crypto.
I blogged heavily and consider myself a content creator for about a year and a half.
I ran a witness campaign and started the largest off chain community for the platform.
I cofounded Steem Monsters.

I generally describe there being 4 key stake holders to the Steem Blockchain
Steemit Inc
Content Creator

Despite not actually being a coder I'm going to count being an elected witness as being in the Devs catagory and share some perspective about Steem. This puts me in 3 of the four major stakeholder groups.

This place

This place is nothing short of incredible. It's resilient, filled with talent, lots of people posting every day, lots of people interacting every day, the chain is fast and freemium, and with tokens coming businesses are going to come flocking.

Steem Monsters has really only been around 3 months. We've sold just shy of 200,000 booster packs for $350-400k. That's not equity we gave up. That's product we sold! This is a project that's showing off so much of what Steem is good at and how you can tap into it as a business.

We did it with a developer who is a web developer and not a blockchain centric developer and a people person. Speaking in broad buckets Yaba interfaces with the computers and I interface with the humans.

When we started-
We didn't have to build a tool to accept different kinds of crypto. We tapped into blocktrades.
We didn't have to launch a blockchain. It was already here.
We didn't need to build a new marketing system, the posting work I'd already done got us going and we got paid for content marketing.
We didn't have to find people to come to our project, they were already here.
I didn't have to find writers, musicians, and artists to work for my crypto. They were already here.
We didn't have to learn C++, Yaba could just do the same web development he's done for 20 years.
We didn't have to waste thousands of dollars and years of work to reinvent the wheel. We just tapped into Steem.


$300k in sales later, thousands of players later, fighting around the corner, and a kickstarter starting tomrrow to help bring in the masses, and the only thing I really feel right now is enormous gratitude to this community.

This is my home. I love it here, and I'm gonna keep making shit until Steem is on everyone's lips. I'm not saying there aren't problems. I've been pissed about distribution here since 2 months in, but this place keeps going despite that. We're so close to critical mass even in this down turn. Rain or shine I'll be here, and I know many others who feel the same way.

So, I'm grateful for the success of Steem Monsters. I'm committed to giving back to this community. I feel hopeful and excited to see it grow, and I'm extremely confidant that more people are going to keep coming, and more projects are going to be built to keep them here.

An ask

The kickstarter starts tomorrow. I think it's great for the chain as a whole for this to be successful. "Steem Blockchain project raises $1M through Kickstarter" is a hell of a story for the chain. Please make it a point to grab a reward when we open it up tomorrow, and please share this video with friends and family to show how we're growing on Steem.


Congrats to the success of STEEM Monsters!

I have an idea (and didn't know under which article to place it): even if nowadays only money seems to matter (for example it's not a minnow who owns a full gold foil set ...), what about making an exception an creating some monsters in future which one cannot buy but only get when solving some riddles? :) - Best Crypto Trading Bot

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Welcome to

Fantastic job. I'll be jumping on the kickstarter. I've well and truly caught the Steem Monsters bug in the last few days.

So excited to see where this goes, and of course, to play, and battle!

it's a excelent and wonderfull work, shame I still have 0 cards hahaha

Steemmonsters launched successfully and it was so promising! As the day it was luanched, there were already thousands who supports it (including me :) and until now there promotion still on-d-go. Currently, there were hundred of thousands booster packs that were sold and everybody were so excited for the upcoming tournament!

Awesome, keep up the good work!

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Awesome job here @aggroed ... this is very very cool! I'm impressed!

Fun video, just what you imagined with your girls, so cool. I am very excited to play, thanks to you and Matt for all the hard work and making it such a collaborative effort with all of us on Steem.

Learning with you, about this new topic for me. These days they gave me a Steem Monsters card and I must learn what to do. Very good your video, interesting the caricature, I will share it. I leave you my best wishes in your projects and a great positive energy in your way.
Good vibes.

great work friend, what good and animations and designs have the characters I hope you keep uploading more videos ...

This is really cool, I found you thanks to @soyrosa. What animation software did you use to create your video?

That's great! I am 100% convinced that this will be a great campaign!

This is a great success story with an unwritten ending. I have enjoyed the ride and love that I am a part of this project at the ground level. Keep up the great work.

Looking great to see progress on something that has been so great thus far! Where will the kickstarter details be provided? Is there a preview already available somewhere? Look forward to it!

Amazing animation world.tomarrow will be our.

Nice pic... Awesome . beautiful..

Thank you @aggroed and Good Lock to The kickstarter

Nice, beautiful and informative. Keep sharing, great work!

Great work! Is that your voice?

I've talked to Matt a good amount and he's quite the rockstar we have here.

But I gotta agree with you, Steem makes developing super easy and I'm also incredibly bullish for the platform.

Keep up the great work and I'm looking forward to seeing how the Kickstarter goes!

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Unique and one in million job.@aggroed Bravo!!

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They look so funny!^))) I haven't heard previously about steem monsters.

Great post , I really loved the little cartoon @aggroed , Wow! 200,000 Booster packs sold, well done thats amazing, Steem Monsters is Awesome! and im sure the kick starter tomorrow will bring many people to Steem Monsters and the platform! I totally agree that Businesses will definitely be flocking to this awesome platform when the SMTs hit the market as well!
Keep up the great work @aggroed and @yabapmatt , we are headed for the MOON!!! 🚀👹🚀👿🚀💀🚀💕🚀Upped and resteemed!

Super article now I'm your devoted fan!

Good article. Superb...

I'm hoping the kickstarter rewards aren't outrageously priced.
If I'm going to be a part of it, I want to be good with giving up a week's grocery allowance.

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Love seeing the high quality animation makes it high class and fancy!

Also working on projects on STEEM i've also see the great benefits it has provided! So Amen to that!

Coming in, it was hard to take my eyes off of the individual post payouts and look at the bigger picture. Steemit, as much as I love and appreciate it, is only a part of the equation. Steem Monsters demonstrated to me personally exactly what the grander vision of the Steem blockchain could look like, and it is so much bigger than just one front end.

The community here is insane, the potentiality of apps that could be built here is insane, the blockchain just has immense potential.

I know it's been a lot of work on your end, and probably many more long days to come :), but great job dude and congrats. You deserve a big ol' pat on the back for giving all of us stakeholders such a massive push towards a much higher level of adoption.

Very good cartoon for children. Children are like this types picture.

I will be taking a nice reward for sure!!
Even if its fiat... Worth it though.
Congrats @steemmonsters team!

It's so awesome to see all these artists get supported on Steemit :) I'm so grateful to have met such amazing people on here: steemit is actually how I got involved with @hardfork-series!

Thanks for your support of open mic, that's how I found you!

oh my gosh this is awesome!!!! :) That cartoon was so great! :)

Yes yes and one more time yes! I see how it is great way to make your dreams to come true. And some business projects can be explored here too. SteemMonsters is a great example of it! Great job guys!

Great idea to present in the form of cartoon , I want to take advantage of this and learn about this

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Very good animation, I had a smile during the min 1:18 that lasted. Your success makes me very happy. It is impressive how starting from scratch and with much effort you achieve so much. Many encourage you to continue your journey.

It's all wrapping up nicely and I'm glad to see so many friends working together... the animation is funny... All the best!

Very good selling points @aggroed yes steemmonsters really is a grear example on what is possible with the Steem Blockchain in combination with the great community and talents we have.
I'm really looking forward to the kickstarter campaign...but why didn't you include a link to it???

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I made my steemit account just so I could buy some cards. As someone who grew up with pokemon cards, I am excited for this game!

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Fantastic job 😱

i like this job good material

Getting a glimpse at some of the new summoners.... rainbow bright, lizard girl and labcoat guy. Cool.

who is the owner of this coin ?

Fantastic animation job! I really enjoyed watching it. Go Steem Monsters Team!

Excellent work

awesome video i enjoyed it.

Que bien sigue asi

I love paint

hahaha....very funny video...pretty cool and impressive one. keep it up!

This was really great to read about. Having been off the platform lately due to mostly technological problems and problems concerning a lack of free time I have missed a lot of what has been going on with Steem Monsters but I know that it's popularity is booming. It's amazing to see the true power of this platform and how this can be used in so many different ways.

Here's to the future success of Steem Monsters and other future platforms! Thank you so much! :)

@aggroed maybe something will change

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un trabajo optimo buen trabajo es sorprendente y impresionante.

Whoa who did this animation?

Hii @aggroed we are getting to much from your blogs .all are best blog for animated world @aggroed nice creation.
@aggroed i am new here so please upvote my post i shall be thankfull to you .i am your regular reader from my joining date so plzzz.

I would like to learn more about being successfull. I wish you could help.. @aggroed

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Great job!!!

I love this Steem Monsters animation. Very creative work!