Flying to Mexico! Representing Steem, Steem Monsters, and Steem Engine at Anarchapulco!

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Hey guys. If I'm a little quiet it's not cause I'm dead... or at least I hope not. I'm flying to Mexico for Anarchopulco. I have a bag with some Steem Monsters gear, some free Steem Monsters accounts (which include Steem accounts), and i'm planning on hanging out in the gamers den for a good portion of the next few days pitching this game to the people.

News Teaser

Steem Monsters and Steem-Engine should have some big news coming out soon, so stay tuned! Hopefully this whole chain is super excited about both the things we're releasing shortly.

Find me in the Gamer's den

If you're heading down as well please come find me in the gamers den. I'd very much like to see and meet people live.


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Happy travels @aggroed. I have no doubt you'll make something amazing of this experience. Hugs your way!

Sounds exciting! Have fun, and I'm looking forward to the big news too!

Now I know where to find you! Hehe I’ll pop in and say hi. Safe travels!

Nice! See you here!

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There's no place as exciting as the gamer's den. Lots of fun ahead, enjoy

You should of told us earlier, I would of rolled down and help out 😬

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Glad to hear about your jpurney to mexico and i hope the time spend there will be great

Have fun, be safe, and shill some Steem Monsters!

I would love to hear you interviewed about steemmonsters by an ancap. Maybe they could explain inflation, ie hundreds of thousands of cards into a client base of 2000 = no demand= no future value... unless you can grow the client base fast enough which is not easy.

I loved the initial steemmonsters concept just sad to see the original ideas thrown away and replaced with a model resembling the fed reserve Print to the Moon!!!!! More is always better!!!!!

Oh heck yeah! I saw an email that mentioned SteemMonsters and wondered. I'm in Miami right now on my way there. I'll get in tonight. Woo hoo! Last year was awesome.

Hi, @aggroed!

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Be careful, have fun and keep us posted!!

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DAMN I WISH I COULD BE THERE!!!! Maybe next year though...

Thats awesome @aggroed hope all is going great at the event say hi to @coruscate and everyone for me! looking forward to finding out what the Big news Teaser will be, such exciting times ahead im sure! Go Steem Monsters!👍😍👹

God go with you my friend.

Check this out:

Freedom is gaining!

Be safe.

Best of luck, that's great!

How's it been going?