@steemmonsters - New Years Day FLASH SALE! 5 Cards Slashed by @aewind #steemit #steemmonsters #steem & Announcing Accelerated Evolution's 500 STEEM (+100 Steem Entry) Tournament (Entree fees all to be added to the base 500 to equal 1300)

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@steemmonsters - New Years Day FLASH SALE! 5 Cards Slashed by @aewind #steemit #steemmonsters #steem


  • All of these cards are on the marketplace as soon as this post has been posted. This is the 30th and final Flash Sale for the Holiday!

  • Grab them while you can!
    New Years Day Flash Sale.png

Let's take a look at what we have to sell...

Onto flash sale #30!

New Years Day Flash Sale!

  • - - - 5 Sales! - - -

Discounts, discounts & more discounts!

  • 1. GF Air Elemental $14.00 *1.14 dollars off *


  • 3. LEVEL 3 SELENIA SKY: $42.75


  • 5. LEVEL 3 ANGEL OF LIGHT: $23.00

(Youtube Description)

Join and play Steem Monsters Today!
#steemit @aewind #steemmonsters 121 Pack Openings December Flash Sale #14
join us on Discord @ www.discord.gg/ae
Our website @ www.accelerated-evolution.com

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Referral link: https://steemmonsters.com?ref=aewind

January 5th, 1700 Steem 8 Person SM Tournament by Accelerated Evolution.

  • Starting today I will be accepting entree fees for a maximum of 8 players. I am putting down 500 STEEM, each entrant (including myself) will put down another 100 steem @aewind (Discord WinD#0001) for a 1300 STEEM prize pool to be split to the top 4. The top 3 will receive 420 Steem each, the 4th place will receive 200 Steem.

  • Places 5-8 will receive a random mixture of Reward Cards, up to 15 Packs (Highest amount, randomly selected, no matter what you are guaranteed a pack) and each entrant will receive a STARTER KIT Promo code to give to a friend to get them ready for....

  • Accelerated Evolution's 5000 STEEM Tournament Which will be a 16 player invitational including those who place in the top 4 of the event on the 5th, this tournament will be held on Friday, January 18th 2019.

This event will be casted and streamed live on #Dlive at the URL below, Please follow my dlive as I am close to the partnership 😍

  • Special Thanks to the content creators below:

Thank You so much for the support!

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I'll buy in if it is at a decent time in Europe ;) and def would like to join the 5k tourney if at all possible. Thanks for organising :)

Let me know the best times for you on discord @toocurious and I will try to fit it nicely for the East Coast USA and EU.

Interesting so you are adding 500 to the prize pool of a 100 Steem buy in tournament. Will the 5000 steem game also be a buy in ?

The 5K will be an invitational with the funding directly from myself and @esportsbank - If you are interested in contributing please let me know! Perhaps we can raise the Prize Pool.

Will the game be a buy in or freeroll ?

Apologies what I meant to say was the 5K is funded only by myself and @esportsbank. So it will be free entry although the players will be Invited, and require to accept the invite. If they do not then the slot will go to a secondary choice for each slot, if that secondary choice does not commit - it will become an open slot.

No Entry Fee - This initial tournament is a tester to ensure the investment is good for Our Company to continue funding events (both with buy-ins and without buy ins, first few events we will not be gaining any money. The smaller event on the 5th, all entry fees go into the pool, the larger invitational is mostly funds from card sales and @esportsbank and I absolutely murdering it on Magic-Dice :P @rentmoney

Cool, I look forward to reading more details about the game. 100 Steem entry might be out of my price range but we will see once the time comes.

I'll buy you in ;)

Very generous of you but that won't be necessary.

I need to build my card levels first but thank you for the tag. Sounds like a nice small tournament!

It is a great investment opportunity, a great offer without a doubt

@jos3lider Thank you friend! Enjoy any card which you purchase!

I'll be watching on www.dlive.tv/aewind and if I am partnered by then I will host the stream on my channel :).

I updated the Selenia Sky to correct price! Sorry about that :)

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